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Shipping & Customs Handling For Thailand Now Available Again

Shipping & Customs Handling Thailand

Shipping and Customs Handling Services For Thailand are now available for Korean cosmetics wholesale orders once again. We are excited to announce that despite ongoing Covid-19 crisis, lack of flights, and lockdowns, we are still able to deliver your goodies right at your doorstep. Not only shipping but also customs handling is available.

Probably Q-depot is the only supplier of Korean cosmetics that gets out of their comfort zone and facilities their customers from order processing till delivery at your door front. Due to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, shipping services were suspended by many courier companies around the world due to a lack of flights and lockdowns. We were able to handle customs earlier for Thailand but it was suspended since March. Now once again, we resumed and can deliver your orders to your doorstep. 

More and more people are ordering online due to the Covid-19 crisis and lockdowns. Now is the right time for you to kickstart or boost your existing online business of Korean cosmetics. Q-depot is right here to handle everything from order processing, packing, shipping, and even customs handling. All you got it to do is to go on selling. So, what are you waiting for Order Now? 


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