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Chuseok 2022 Holiday Notification
 Happy Chuseok, Koeran Thanksgiving Day! Chuseok is one of the biggest festiaval in South Korea. This year we will be having Chuseok holidays from September 9 to 12. In general there is huge flux of shipment before and after holidays hence the delivery services will be suspended from September 6 till September 16. During these days we are unable to make any local delivery, hence ..
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EMS Resumption Updates September 2022
 EMS services have severely been affected during Covid and finally it's coming back to normal step by step. Here, we have updates for EMS service resumption as of September 1, 2022. EMS mostly relies on public flights which were drastically reduced to almost none in most of the countries and in return EMS was suspended in the majority of the countries. Service Resumption Counti..
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The Ordinary by DECIEM Canada For Wholesale
 Although we supply only Korean and Japanese cosmetics at wholesale, but as an exception, the Ordinary from the DECIEM Company Canada is also available for wholesale at Q-depot. The Ordinary is a super popular Canadian Clinically Formulated brand being sold all over the world. In general, it's extremely difficult to source the Ordinary in bulk but fortunately Q-depot is one of the very f..
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Paying for Korean cosmetics wholesale orders with PayPal
 PayPal is one of the most popular online payment solutions and it's accepted for your Korean cosmetics wholesale orders at Q-depot with some conditions. There are two main ways to make a payment via PayPal. 1. Paying for goods and services 2. Sending money to friends and family 1. Paying for goods and services This option is available in all countries where PayPal is o..
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Innisfree Increased Their Prices
 Innisfree is one of the most loved Korean cosmetics brands around the world. Throughout our 8 years+ Korean cosmetics business, Innisfree has been the most stable brand in terms of price and supply. We hardly ever heard of any issues with Innisfree pricing or supply. One of the smoothest Kbeauty brands.Recently, Innisfree raised the price for many of their best-selling products su..
The Faceshop Made in China, Real or Fake?
 The Faceshop made in China, are those real or fake products? It's a question that is crossing many minds right now and may cross many more in the coming days as the news is not yet widespread. The answer in short is Yes, these are real products. Let us explain how and why are they real although many people associate them as fake from China. The Faceshop skincare and cosmetics comp..
Dropshipping vs Wholesale, A Complete Guide
 Dropshipping business model does look very promising and wholesale looks more risky and complicated but the real scenario may be different from what you thinking. Let's discuss their pros and cons to make it easier for you to decide between dropshipping and wholesale. 4 Reasons Why Korean Cosmetic Wholesale is Better Than Dropshipping The Korean cosmetic industry is one ..
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Delivery Suspension via EMS Korea Post Amid Covid-19 Crisis
 EMS Korea suspended deliveries to many countries while some countries have delay delivery amid ongoing Covid-19 or Coronavirus crisis. Below is the list of countries with delivery suspension and delay deliveries until further notice.  EMS Service Suspended Countries List  GHANA KUWAIT ALBANIA LAOS ALGERIA LEB..
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The Ordinary 產品包裝變更
The Ordinary, 加拿大DECIEM的產品是我們最暢銷的批發品牌。 可能我們是唯一可以在韓國批發該品牌化妝品的供應商。 作為 韓國化妝品批發供應商, 我們從韓國發貨包括The Ordinary在內的所有商品,並從韓國DEICEM官方分銷商處購買The Ordinary產品。我們向您保證,所有這些產品都是DECIEM公司的原裝正品。 在過去的6年中,我們一直從事韓國化妝品批發業務,我們將永遠不會在我們提供的產品質量和聲譽上做出妥協。 此外,韓國沒有假冒產品。 因此,您將100%確保獲得原始產品。 最近, DECIEM在韓國的經銷商宣布 包裝和原產國 的一些變化。 以下所有信息均由DECIEM韓國官方分銷商提供。  1. 包裝變更某些將進口到韓國進行分銷的產品包裝將有所變化。 盒子有一側將變為韓語,如下圖所示。 ..
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The Ordinary Change In Products Packaging
The Ordinary, by DECIEM  Canada, is our top selling brand for wholesale. Probably we are the only cosmetics supplier which can supply this brand at wholesale in Korea. Being a Korean cosmetics wholesale supplier, we ship all our goods from Korea including The Ordinary and we purchase The Ordinary products from DEICEM official distributor in South Korea.We assure you that all these pr..
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