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Guerisson - Famous Korean cosmetics brand is now available for wholesale


Guerisson Horse Oil Wholesale


Guerisson, a very famous Korean cosmetic brand which got worldwide recognition in a very short time is now available for wholesale at q-depot with best offer rates and worldwide shipping. Guerisson is actually owned by Claire's Korea, which is a pioneer company for products based on horse oil ingredients. Even after a long time, Claire's holds the leading position when it comes to horse oil based products. 

Horse oil is completely different from other animal fats, which are contain high saturated fatty acids. Horse oil has a greater ration of unsaturated acids or so called essential fatty acids, which are highly desirable in skin care products. It contains a special power to fight aging and other skin care issues.

At q-depot, we are committed to offer you 100% authentic Korean cosmetics and skin care products shipped directly from Korea to almost every corner of the world. Our rates are the best in the industry coupled with great customer support. If you need more information about wholesale of above brand or any other Korean cosmetics brand, please do not hesitate to reach us anytime. We will be happy to assist you in knowing more about Korean cosmetic brands and your business.


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