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G9SKIN Available For Wholesale

G9SKIN Korean Cosmetics Wholesale


G9SKIN, a popular Korean cosmetics brand that promise to deliver you a skin purifying solution for your exhausted skin due to busy urban life and various other negative environmental factors. Now you can buy this brand at lowest wholesale price at

Their products are designed to target 9 negative areas such as ultraviolet rays, dry living environement (hotter outside and aircon inside), air pollution, stress etc. with their 9 popular ingredients, which are Lotus extracts, Ivy extracts, pine needle extracts, eucalyptus extracts, oregano leaf extracts, Chlorella extracts, hibiscus petal extracts, Chia seed extracts and green tea extracts. Their revolutionized products deliver you moisturizing, nourishing, whitening, firmness, soothing, pore care and anti-ultraviolet ray functionality. 


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Posted by Kathy Park

Kathy Park, assistant marketing manager at q-depot with 5 years of extensive Marketing experience in K-beauty industry. Graduated from an international school with good English writing, speaking and listening skills. She loves Korean cosmetics and staying young, great Karaoke singer, a big fan of K-pop and good player of Tennis & squash. 

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