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Japanese Cosmetics New Brands Available For Wholesale

jaapnese cosmetics wholesale


Multiple Japanese cosmetics brands are available for wholesale as of May 20, 2021. All the brands are shipped directly from Japan to all over the world. Below are the new brands we just added to our portfolio of 80+ Japanese brands we supply as of now:

  1. LION 
  2. Bifesta 
  3. Matsuyama 
  4. Fujiko 
  5. Nursery 
  6. UZU

We offer the lowest wholesale price for all these brands and ship worldwide. As of now only a few and hot items of each brand are available although we can supply other items from each brand, should you need them. Simply contact us, provide the product picture, and or JAN and we will quote the best price. 

Besides, we supply 80+ other top Japanese cosmetic brands. To check wholesale prices, please visit our wholesale page, search for the brand you want, and click on "download" to download the order sheet to check the price. We assure all products are 100% authentic and fresh shipped directly from Japan. 


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Posted by Queenie Yau

Queenie is an enthusiastic marketing specialist with a Master’s degree of Arts and Marketing from University of Lincoln (UK) She has been credited for many successful marketing campaigns in the last 10 years with multinational brands like Bacardi. She is a passionate sports lady and semi-professional player of table tennis.

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