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MEIJI Amino Collagen Premium 28 Days For Wholesale

MEIJI Amino Collagen Premium 28 Days


Meiji Amino Collagen Premium 28 Days one of the best selling collagen in Japan and now available for wholesale at Q-depot with worldwide delivery at the best wholesale price. Those who wish to attain beautiful skin, this low-molecular, powder base fish collagen is the top pick. 


Daily consumption of Amino Collagen contains 1,200 µg of ceramide (a well-known beauty ingredient), 20 mg of hyaluronic acid, and coenzyme Q10 (a source of vitality, beauty, and youthfulness). Each dose of powder also contains 450 mg of arginine, an amino acid (containing an Amino Collagen building block); 60 mg of glucosamine; and 50 mg of vitamin C. Amino Collagen is an easy-to-drink and fast-dissolving powder.


MEIJI Amino Collagen Premium 28 Days 200g


Ingredients: Locally sourced fish collagen peptides, malt dextrin, vegetable resin, coenzyme Q10, germ rice extract (with ceramides)/trehalose, glucosamine, VC, arginine, thickener (Arabia gum), hyaluronic acid, emulsifier, scent, sweetener (sucralose) May contain traces of dairy, orange, soybean, and gelatin


We supply many other popular collagen from Japan, such as DHC Collagen, Shiseido Collagen, etc. Besides, we supply 60+ Japanese cosmetics and skincare brands at the best wholesale price and ship worldwide. Please visit the wholesale page to check the list of brands and prices. 


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