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Best Korean Hand Sanitizers, Top Selling Item

Korean Hand Sanitizers

Korean Hand Sanitizers are the top-selling item for wholesale these days amid the outbreak of Coronavirus, which killed 908 while infecting another 40,000 people in China as of February 10, 2020. This virus is not only limited to China but spread across the globe to many countries. There are a number of ways to protect yourself from this virus and one of them is continuously washing and/or sanitizing your hands. 

We have compiled a list of top Korean hand sanitizers which you may purchase to resell in your respective market as this kind of item is quite rare to get these days due to massive demand and consumption. 


1.  Coreana Perfect Hand Clean Gel

Coreana Hand Sanitizer Wholesale

Coreana Perfect Hand Clean Gel is one of the top Korean hand sanitizers, which is recently launched and not yet available online on the brand's website. Due to the high quality and popularity of the Coreana brand, this product is going to be the best seller - for sure. We strongly recommend considering this item. 

Price: 1,760 KRW - USD 1.5 
MOQ: 5000 - 10,000 pcs

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2. Cellapy Derma Sanitizer 25 ml [Ethanol 65.3%]

Cellapy Derma Sanitizer


Cellapy Derma Sanitizer is one of our top picks due to the high level of Ethanol and best of all, it's very much travel-friendly. You can squeeze it in anywhere on the go for 24/7 protection. 

Price: 1,350 KRW - USD 1.17 
MOQ: 3,000 pcs
Availability: Feb 18~22
Ingredients:  Ethanol 65.3%, glycerine, purified water, carbomer, trolamine, etc

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3. DERMASCO Clean & Fresh Hand Sanitizing Gel [99.9% Sanitization]


Hand Sanitizer Wholesale


DERMASCO Clean & Fresh Hand Sanitizing Gel is another hot item to consider for wholesale purchases and resell. With a promise of 99.9% sanitization, this item is one of the top picks while the prices are very much affordable. 

Price: 1,760 KRW - USD 1.5 
MOQ: 5000 pcs
Note: MSDS is available 

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4. OSEQUE Hand Sanitizer 50ml [Anti Bacterial 99.99% Sanitization]


OSEQUE Hand Sanitizer

OSEQUE Hand Sanitizer is the best pick as well. Not only they can sanitize your hand by 99.99% but it also contains 70% of Ethanol. We strongly recommend this item. Besides, this item has a lower MOQ which makes it more attractive. 

Price: 2,470 KRW - USD 2.1
MOQ: 800 pcs

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5. VANT 36.5 Safe Clean Gel 50ml


Vant Safe Hand Sanitizer


VANT 36.5 Safe Clean Gel is another top pick again due to a higher level of Ethanol which stands at 70%. Below is the price and ingredient list:

Price: 2,940 KRW - USD 2.55
MOQ: 3,000 pcs
Ingredients:  Ethanol 70 % , purified water, propylene glycol, propane diol , benzyl glycol,  hydrolizeed glycosaminoglycan, glycerine, sodium hyaluroneglynate , ethylhexylglycerin , sodium hyaluoneglypolymer ,1, 2- hexaneoldehyde ,
Hydrolizeed hyaluronic acid,  hydroxypropylinium hyalunate , hyalunic acidide ,sodium acetylated hyaluroneate tocoperylacetate ,
Tea tree leaf oil, lavender oil, carbomer, triethanolamine, 

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6. Innisfree My Hand Sanitizer 30ml


Innisfree hand sanitizer


Innisfree my hand sanitizer 30ml comes in three types namely Gardenia, Strawberry and Aloe. It can help you to remove harmful germs without water. A quasi-drug with 60% ethanol to help keep your hands clean even when you cannot wash them.  It's travel-friendly and you can bring it along anywhere you go. To check the wholesale price for this item, please download order sheet for Innisfree here > 

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7. The Saem Perfumed Hand Clean Gel - 30ml


Saem Hand Sanitiser


The Saem Perfumed Hand Clean Gel can clean your hands without using any water and guarantee germs protection by 99.99% while leaving your hands with a nice smell. It comes in different scents such as Oriental Mandarin, Grace Peony, Sugar Peach, French Raspberry, and Pure Greentea. To check the wholesale price for this item, please download order sheet for The Saem here > 



8. Tony Moly Aloe Chok Chok Hand Gel 30ml (Ethanol 62%)

Tony Moly Hand Gel is another great hand sanitizer gel to stay away from germs and keep clean. This product is due to be launched on February 10 and not yet up for sale. We don't have price details for this item yet. 

So, these are the items which have the potential for good sales and you should seriously consider them. If you need more details or have any questions, please contact us anytime. We are happy to assist. 

Note: All prices quoted in USD may change due to a change in the KRW>USD exchange rate. 


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