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LBC Korea Courier Services to The Philippines - Detailed Information

Q-depot can ship your Korean cosmetics wholesale orders via LBC Korea. They provide safe, fast and secure shipping services to the Philippines without any custom complications. We have been shipping with LBC for many of our customers and they didn't have any complaints about custom or anything else. Although, we do not provide any guarantee on behalf of LBC and our remarks are based on previous customer feedback who used LBC.  For more details, please visit LBC Korea website here LBC Korea or call directly at +822 1522 3428 (Tagalog) & +822 1661 5899 (Korean). Below are the two shipping options from Korea to the Philippines using LBC.


 Note: For all shipping arrangements, you have to contact, and coordinate with LBC Korea. We will not be able to coordinate or take any responsibility. Once the goods are delivered to LBC Korea, afterward, q-depot won't be responsible for anything. You have to arrange everything directly with LBC.


1. Air Cargo

  • Delivery time - 3-5 days Manila & Luzon, 5-7 days Visayas and Mindanao.
  • Rate subject to 20% Tax


Shipping Fee
Weight (KG)Price (KRW)
31~50 KG7,100 / KG
51 KG +7,050 / KG

For updates rates, please visit LBC Korea website. 


2. Sea Cargo

  • Delivery time - 3 weeks to Manila & Luzon & 4 weeks to Visayas & Mindanao
  • Max-weight - Jumbo Box 80 KG & Regular Box 30 KG
  • Rate subject to 20% Tax


Shipping Fee (KRW)

For updates rates, please visit LBC Korea website. 


Visit wholesale page


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Posted by Kathy Park

Kathy Park, assistant marketing manager at q-depot with 5 years of extensive Marketing experience in K-beauty industry. Graduated from an international school with good English writing, speaking and listening skills. She loves Korean cosmetics and staying young, great Karaoke singer, a big fan of K-pop and good player of Tennis & squash. 

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