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Holiday/Gift Sets Are Available Now

Gift/holiday gift sets

To boost your sales in the upcoming holiday season, now you can purchase limited-edition holiday/gift sets at wholesale.

Sets are available from the following brands:

  • History of whoo
  • Su:m37
  • O:hui

There is a wide variety of over 50 popular holiday limited edition gift sets. In general, it's really hard to get this kind of set as they are mostly targeted on brands' official website and official store and difficult to purchase in wholesale. We can source all those sets listed on the order sheet for Limited Time.

Note that the sets will be available for wholesale during the holiday season while after that, it won't be easy to purchase them. If you are looking for these limited edition gift sets, please purchase as soon as possible to avoid being left out.

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Posted by Queenie Yau

Queenie is an enthusiastic marketing specialist with a Master’s degree of Arts and Marketing from University of Lincoln (UK) She has been credited for many successful marketing campaigns in the last 10 years with multinational brands like Bacardi. She is a passionate sports lady and semi-professional player of table tennis.

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