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Calbee Japanese Snacks Brand For Wholesale



Calbee is one of the top Japanese food companies mainly involved with the business of potato-based, flour-based, corn, and bean-based snack foods, and cereals. Now we offer Calbee wholesale and ship worldwide directly from Japan. 

For domestic Japanese business, Calbee has more than a 50% share of the snack market and has maintained a particularly high share of more than 70% in potato-based snacks. In the cereal market, Frugra is driving market expansion and they have the top share of the cereal market. Calbee is operating in many overseas markets such as the USA, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, South Korea, etc. 


Besides, we supply 70+ other top Japanese cosmetic brands. To check wholesale prices, please visit our wholesale page, search for the brand you want, and click on "download" to download the order sheet to check the price. We assure all products are 100% authentic, made in and shipped from Japan directly. 


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