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Articles from Sept 2022

Chuseok 2022 Holiday Notification
 Happy Chuseok, Koeran Thanksgiving Day! Chuseok is one of the biggest festiaval in South Korea. This year we will be having Chuseok holidays from September 9 to 12. In general there is huge flux of shipment before and after holidays hence the delivery services will be suspended from September 6 till September 16. During these days we are unable to make any local delivery, hence ..
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EMS Resumption Updates September 2022
 EMS services have severely been affected during Covid and finally it's coming back to normal step by step. Here, we have updates for EMS service resumption as of September 1, 2022. EMS mostly relies on public flights which were drastically reduced to almost none in most of the countries and in return EMS was suspended in the majority of the countries. Service Resumption Counti..
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