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Vprove Korea Wholesal


Vprove is an emerging Korean skincare brand with a checkmark of confirmation to offer a specialized and personalized solution to make both your mind and skin healthier. Their products are based on Biodermoglucan, which VPROVE has independently developed to enhance the skin’s natural environment. We offer Vprove at the best wholesale prices and ship all over the world directly from Korea.

The Special ingredient Vprove developed and they used it in their products is called V-Water (Bio Dermoglucan™), which is extracted from 6-year-old red ginseng produced by Korean Ginseng Corporation, that that has gone through its special 3-step fermentation process. After that process, toxic and insecure ingredients were eliminated. At the end of the process, only beneficial ingredients are left which keep the skin’s natural strength. Experience the power of V-Water which is the most scientific, effective and special ingredient for your skin.



We are proud to mention that we are the only top-rated Korean cosmetics wholesale supplier and also a supplier handling the most brands, over 290 to date. We assure high-quality customer services and the best wholesale prices. If you have any questions, contact us anytime. 


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