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Korea to China Customs Handling Available Now

China customs handling


China customs handling services are now available for Korean cosmetics wholesale orders from Korea. We offer door-to-door delivery services throughout China in partnership with one of the couriers from China. Place your wholesale order with us, we will get your goods delivered right at your doorstep in China while you pay only the shipping fee. No more customs hassle and high customs tax and fees. 


The customs handling services to China comprise of two parts. 

  1. Shipping from Korea to China [forwarder warehouse]
  2. Local delivery to customer address in China. 


1. Shipping From Korea to China

Shipping from Korea to China is handled by our partner forwarder, which will handle the customs and stock the goods in their warehouse in Guangzhou China. All local deliveries will be carried forward from there.


Shipping CostDelivery Time
12,000 KRW / KG5-8 Days


  • The shipping cost is per kg and in KRW [Korean Won]. 
  • Korea to China shipping fee must be paid to Q-depot directly. 
  • This price includes customs handling and tax. 


2. Local Delivery in China

Once the goods are stocked in the forwarder's warehouse in Guangzhou City, local deliveries will be carried out throughout China using local courier services. 


Shipping CostDelivery Time
 Download Now 2-3 Days


  • Local delivery charges in China must be paid to the delivery company when the goods are delivered to your doorstep. 
  • Local delivery is taken care of by the local delivery company in China. 


The Process

  • You place a wholesale order with Q-depot. 
  • We prepare goods and send you the final invoice including Korea to China [forwarder warehouse] shipping fee
  • You make the payment and goods are shipped to Guangzhou China to the forwarder's warehouse and then delivered at your doorstep 
  • When goods are delivered at your doorstep, you must pay the local delivery fee from Guanghouze to your address. 


We have been using this service for a while without any problem. Q-depot is proud to be the leading wholesaler of Korean cosmetics with 200+ brands we supply to over 100 countries around the world. We are the only top-rated supplier on Google, Facebook, etc. We assure the best wholesale prices and support. 


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