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Articles from May 2020

Elujai is Now Available For Wholesale
 Elujai is a very affordable and yet effective Korean cosmetic brand with lots of loyal consumers in the Philippines, Thailand, and Malaysia. We offer this brand at the lowest wholesale prices and ship all over the world. Given the popularity of Elujai in above countries, the good news is we also handle customs for all these countries and make door-to-door delivery without any cust..
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Leg Spa Leg Mask Pack by Cure Program Available For Wholesale
Cure Program, a brand known for its iconic product Leg Spa, a leg mask is now available for wholesale at q-depot. We offer the lowest wholesale price for Leg Spa Mask and ship all over the world.  Going for a leg spa is something we always wanted to pamper ourselves with, after a long busy day. However, going for a spa on the weekdays is something you could not manage due to the la..
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Korean Cosmetics Business in The Philippines and Finding the Right Wholesale Supplier
  K-Beauty is still rocking us in 2020 and there is no doubt that Korean skincare and cosmetic products have become a part of every Filipino woman’s beauty haul.  How in demand are Korean skincare and cosmetic products here in the Philippines? According to a study conducted by Rakuten Insights in 2019,61% of the female respondents admitted that Korean skincare products have b..
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AXIS-Y Emerging Korean Cosmetic Brand For Wholesale
AXIS-Y is an emerging Korean climate inspired skincare brand now available for wholesale at the lowest wholesale prices. They are a Korean skincare curator turned to a skincare provider focused on the nurturing, healthy care of our communities. With their years of experience, they brought up the best natural and functional ingredients together to make skincare that cares. AXIS-Y pr..
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Shipping & Customs Handling For Thailand Now Available Again
Shipping and Customs Handling Services For Thailand are now available for Korean cosmetics wholesale orders once again. We are excited to announce that despite ongoing Covid-19 crisis, lack of flights, and lockdowns, we are still able to deliver your goodies right at your doorstep. Not only shipping but also customs handling is available.Probably Q-depot is the only supplier of Korea..
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