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One Thing Korean Cosmetic Brand For Wholesale

One Thing wholesale


One Thing is emerging Korean cosmetic brand that focus on "simple is the best". One thing eliminates all unnecessary ingredients, and packaging to provide you 100% of what is needed for good skincare. Eliminating all unnecessary ingredients and packaging means eliminating the high cost of products as well. We offer One Thing at wholesale and ship worldwide.  

One thing products are 100% made out of vegetables using only EWG grade 1 raw material, and no chemical and or additives other than the ingredients are used. They support consumers' right to know and want to help consumers in their rational consumption. 


Have you ever thought that the skincare products you use and pay for, 90% of the price you pay goes to pretty packaging and celebrities with good skin to promote those brands? It's time to switch to a simple and organic brand and save your money for necessities. 


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Posted by Kathy Park

Kathy Park, assistant marketing manager at q-depot with 5 years of extensive Marketing experience in K-beauty industry. Graduated from an international school with good English writing, speaking and listening skills. She loves Korean cosmetics and staying young, great Karaoke singer, a big fan of K-pop and good player of Tennis & squash. 

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