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Articles from Feb 2018

Avajar LED Ring Cream Now Available For Wholesale
 Avajar LED Ring CreamAVAGAR LED Ring Cream is a very innovative Korean skin care product which provide Nourishing, Hydrating and Whitening functions with the help of the cream and LED light. LED lights are scientifically approved to have a different impact on your skin whereas LED light send energy in the skin, which help vitalizing the skin. LED Red light is good to ..
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Latest Korean Cosmetic Products From Missha & Holika Holika For Wholesale
  Korean cosmetic brands are known for their R&D (research & development) and new products are rolloed out now and then. Korean cosmetics brands are the one to set the new trends in Cosmetics and Skin Care industry. New, innovative and cheeky products are launched very often, while old products discontinue quickly. We are committed to provide you with updates a..
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Latest Products From Famous Korean Cosmetics Brands For Wholesale
  Korean cosmetics & Skin care industry ever evolves with a fast pace. Everyday new products and trends are being introduced, which could be a great hit in the market. Customers are always keen and more interested to try new products. Given that, it's crucial for Korean cosmetics retailers or wholesalers to know about the latest products and trend in the industry.&n..
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Medius Korean Cosmetics Brand Available For Wholesale
  Medius, an emerging Korean Cosmetics brand now available at with best wholesale prices. They are well known for high quality masks and almost all of their products are masks. Their SOS Water Blam Mask series is quite popular among Korean cosmetics enthusiasts. SOS series is quite good for dry skin and sensitive skin. At, we are committed..
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Secret Key Samples Available For Wholesale
 Secret Key, a brand which focus on finding your skin care products from nature and use natural ingredients and extracts. Their products are quite effective and yet affordable. Now you can buy Secret Key samples on wholesale price. We offer best prices for samples, fast order processing and best customer support. We always try our best to find you the best of Korean cosme..
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Benton Samples Are Available For Wholesale
  Benton, a famous Korean Cosmetics brand with a motive of providing you a younger skin based on natural ingredient. Benton is a certified cruelty-free brand based on natural ingredients and certified by France Ecocert. Now you can buy Benton samples at lowest wholesale prices. You may give out to your customers as a gift or may resell to pocket some ..
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Tiam Korean Skin Care Brand Available For Wholesale
  Tiam, No.1 vitamins based Korean Cosmetics brand now available for wholesale at The brand was formerly known as O.S.T C20 and they changed name to Tiam. All their product names were changed as well while the ingredients remain the same. Below are their best selling products:1- Tiam My Signature C-Source (Old name: Original Pure V..
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Urbanlook Korean Cosmetics Brand Available For Wholesale
 Urbanlook is a trendy and chic Korean cosmetics brand, which claim to formulate all their products from natural ingredients. Their products contain a large amount of antioxidants such as Aronia, Blueberry, Green tea, Tomato, Pomegranate and Gugija for a younger and healthy skin. Their products are based on intensive research and go through rigorous testing before..
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