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Articles from July 2017

Calculate Wholesale Prices in Your Own Currency
 We know how important it is for you to know the wholesale prices equivalent to your local currency to make an easy and quick decision. Now you can calculate wholesale prices of each item in your local currency on our wholesale order sheets by simple one click. Follow the following easy steps or watch this Video Tutorial below:Visit Google and get KRW to Your currency rates. ..
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Boom Deahdah New Korean Cosmetics Brand Available for Wholesale
  Boom Deahdah is less known Korean cosmetics brand which is gaining international exposure now, is available for wholesale at The brand's slogan is "Do Cosmetics Have to be Expensive to Sell?", which clearly explain their stance. Their products are not pricy, quite affordable and yet high quality. It's quite true that being expensive never me..
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JM Solution Available for Wholesale
  JM Solution an emerging Korean cosmetics brand available now for wholesale. It's pretty new brand started back in 2016 and going global already. They have a pretty good market in USA. The people behind the brand are professionals in dermatology and plastic surgery. Their products are derived after a long and thorough research and that's what they are strong a..
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We've Redesigned Our Wholesale Page
  We're excited to inform that we redesigned our wholesale page to make it more intuitive, efficient and user friendly. Now its very easy to search for your desired brand by simply using the search box on the top right of the page or you could browse through the pages simply by clicking on the page numbers at the bottom.Your feedback could make it even better. Ple..
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 We are pleased to inform that now you have a chance to buy rare to find Korean skin care sets on lowest wholesale prices, which we are offering from our retail stock with low MOQ of US$300 ONLY. Stock is limited, so we will serve on First Come First Serve basis. These sets are extremly rare and hard to source all the times.Following brands sets are available:  &nbs..
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