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Articles from June 2017

Chosungah, Korean Beauty Brand Available For Wholesale
  Chosungah, one of the oldest Korean cosmetics brand with a rich history of 24 years. Chosungah is one of the first Korean makeup artist, which collaborated with many Korean cosmetic companies. They ever created a famous make up line like "How-To", "Chosungah Luna" and skin care line "Chosungah RAW". They also created a limited edition "C..
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FarmStay, Best Affordable Korean Cosmetics Brand
  FarmStay, a famous Korean Cosmetics brand with key focus on products with natural ingredients. It is the most affordable and yet good quality brand from Korea. If you are targeting a low end market and people with weak purchasing power. Besides, you have a pretty good margin on this brand. To download order sheet for this brand, please visit our wholesale by clicking belo..
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Doctorcos New Korean Cosmetics Brand For Wholesale
 Upon request of many of our customers, now we can supply Doctorcos, a famous functional Korean cosmetics brand at lowest wholesale rates. We guarantee best supply rates with our best customer support.  Doctorcos is a high-functionality cosmeceutical brand that came into being through research and development in collaboration with dermatologists from NB Skin Clinic. NB S..
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 Many of our customers have been requesting for The Faceshop Samples. Happy to inform that now you can buy Faceshop Samples at lowest wholesale prices. Although the list of samples is not so long, but at least you can get most of them. We are always on hunt of finding samples for new brands as we know that this is what most of our customers always want.  Q-depot is proud to be..
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COSRX Samples on Wholesale Rates Available Now!
  COSRX is a functional Korean Cosmetics brand popular for their products for skin troubles. Now COSRX samples are available at with the lowest wholesale prices. We made it easy for you to test the products before you buy the full product. COSRX composed of two words COS & RX, whereas COS stand for cosmetics while RX means a sort of prescription, counter mea..
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