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This Korean Makeup tool is a trendy girly and green handy pouch that is perfect for your basic make up. You can use it for school, at work and even on just an ordinary day at the mall. It has a cute girl design and its size is 8cm x 11cm x 5cm that is just the right size for basic makeup and somethi..
This Korean Makeup product by Too Cool For School is a very effective product to achieve your dream lashes. Its packaging comes with a doodle building and dinosaur design that is really cool and cute. This mascara can create various eye expressions while controls the length of the brush. It can give..
This Korean Makeup product is one of the unique, easy, stress free, and unmessy way to have your eyeliner. It comes with a beautiful, sexy and gorgeous colors that gives you an exotic gorgeous and lustful eyes. It is a penalty eyeliner with an elastic brush that can help the beginners easily draw a ..
This Korean Makeup product that gives you an extreme cool bloody red vampire lip. It comes with a mystical, gorgeous and sophisticated color that creates a perfect, gorgeous, bloody red vampire lips.How to use:Step 1: Gently apply sideways from the center of the lips.  ..
This Lip tint is a Korean Makeup product that helps you achieve a perfect kissable, sexy and gorgeous looking lips. It comes with different blasting trendy color that you can enjoy. This lip tint is a gel type, texture which is totally matte on the lips, making it long lasting. It contains glossy ..
This Too Cool for School Hot Girl Lip Sticker is a Korean Makeup lipstick that comes with different cute, trendy colors that is handy and pocket size. This Lipstick is named Lip sticker because it can easily apply and looks like a perfect sticker that place on your lips. It didn't just gives you a s..
This Korea Makeup product can give a hot and sexy looking lips that some of the women can really envy. It is a portable pocket sized that comes with different hot and trendy colors. It contains Jojoba oil that provides safe and smooth application that creates long lasting firm lips. This Lip Sticker..
This Korean Makeup tool is a pouch that has a girly cute design that you can use anytime and everywhere you want. It is a multi pouch that can carry your basic makeup and other tools even brush. It's size is 18cm x 11cm x 5cm, a perfect sized for your basic makeup needs. ..
This Korean Makeup product by Too Cool for School helps you to have your trendy, vivid color, kissable lips. It comes with different trendy colors that is perfect on the lips. It contains shine polymer which creates clear and elastic lips while maintaining the pretty kissable looking lips that last ..
This Too Cool for School Marshmallow Puff is one of the best selling Korean Cosmetic tools because it has an awesome quality. This puff is soft like marshmallow which is comfortable to use making it perfect for the delicate sensitive skin. It is made by Nitrile rubber (NBR) and Styrene-butadiene Rub..
This Korean Makeup product can make your lips soft and kissable in just a quick application. It comes with a cute pocket size pact with mirror attached that is easy to use and handy. It gives moisturized and simple color lips in just one step.How to use:Step 1: Gently apply to the lips using lip..
This Korean Make up tool is a very cute pouch that you can use anywhere you wanted to go. You can put your basic makeup on it or even serve as a pencil case. Unlike the ordinary pouch, the best thing on this pouch is it soft inside and not easily gets dirty. ..
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