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This Korean Skincare product looks like its made in Jurassic times. It is an oil paper that can really absorb oil and extreme sebum on the face. It can restore soft skin instantly in just a few light tapping. This oil blotting paper is made by Natural Hanji [Traditional Korean handmade paper] with 1..
This Korean Skin Care product made by Too Cool for School is ideal for the people who wants to save money. It is an oil blotter refill with the same performance. An oil blotting paper that can really absorb oil and extreme sebum on the face. It can restore soft skin instantly in just a few light tap..
This Korean Makeup product can give you a matte silky looking eye shadow. It is an eye shadow in a cream type, texture that contains water jellies and fine pearls that creates silky gorgeous eyes. It also adheres to the skin smoothly to retain gorgeous silky eyes for long hours without a hassle of..
This eyeliner comes with 7 trendy, cool colors that can give your eyes a lovely exotic look. This eyeliner is a gentle gel eyeliner that gives you an easy way of applying without irritation. It is also a long lasting liner that can make your vivid eye color retain sharp for very long hours. It also ..
This Korean Makeup product can give you a teenage, silky kissable baby lips. It comes with 3 different trendy, but looks natural on the lip color that is long lasting and soft on the lips. It is made with an easy to use auto lip pencil type that can give your a stress free application to achieve n..
This Korea Cosmetic is a perfect product that can make you achieve the eyelashes you always wanted to have. It comes with a cute doodle design that can got your eye. It contains Vegetable wax and polymer that can give your lashes a natural curl and curling power without dropping and sagging. It is a..
No more full pouch on your date and special occasions because this Korean Makeup product made by too cool for school is an all in one palette case. It contains BB Foundation, Primer balm, concealer and lip and cheek makeup in one. It's BB foundation helps balance skin tone while giving moisture and..
This Korean Makeup tool is a puff that Shapes like a U.F.O. It is a white smooth and soft puff that doesn't cause irritation to the sensitive skin. It is made with polyurethane with the size of 6.2cm x 6.5cm x 12cm. This puff is perfect on BB foundation to get a perfect application which creates a s..
This Korean Makeup product can help you achieve your perfect, pretty and lovely eye lashes. It has a 2 design brushes with 4mm long fiber to create a sexy long lash like you're wearing some false eyelashes. It has a triple-film membrane that quickly coats lashes and helps retain clean make up for a ..
This Korean Skincare product is a face mask that is made with natural ingredients which is very beneficial to the skin. It is made with the Tissue Mask that contains a natural egg yolk extract. This sheet mask has a thin and soft texture that is perfect, even on the tight skin. It can soothe and nou..
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