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Brand: Tony Moly
Description:A facial mist that helps the skin to maintain its moisture and also keeps the skin look healthy. It also helps in prolonging your makeup. It is enriched with willow water that makes the moisture last long on the skin.How to use:Spray the mist 20cm away from your face, then g..
Brand: Tony Moly
Description:A gel type of toner that brings moisture deeply on the skin. It soothes the tired and stressed skin by providing proper nutrients and at the same time it removes dead skin cells to keep the skin soft and smooth. It is enriched with willow water that brings tons of nutrients to keep..
Brand: Tony Moly
Description:A gel type of eye cream that provides rich moisture to the dry skin near the eye area. It is a gel type of gel that provides a cooling effect to the skin.How to use:Apply an appropriate amount on the skin near the eye area, then gently pat it with your finger. ..
Brand: Tony Moly
Description:This is a serum that helps in brightening the uneven skin tone. It also helps in maintaining the skin healthy and fresh with its nourishing ingredients.How to use:Apply an appropriate amount onto your face, then gently pat your hands in your face for better absorption. ..
Brand: Tony Moly
The TONY MOLY Egg Pore Silky Smooth Balm includes egg, collagen and camelia as ingredients which promote tight and smooth skin. The balm is solid with a slight oily texture, and feels lovely penetrating the skin. It spreads easily for light coverage and gets absorbed real quick. The balm is soothin..
Brand: Tony Moly
Description:A primer that helps you to have a smooth makeup coverage by covering the pores and removing excess sebum to keep your face oil free. This primer creates a smooth and moisturizing skin texture.How to use:After your skincare routine, apply the primer onto your face gently...
Brand: Tony Moly
Have a smooth makeup finish with the help of Face Mix Finish Loose Powder from Tony Moly. This Korean makeup product is a light weight powder that is very gentle, and gives a perfect makeup coverage. It controls the production of sebum to give the skin an oil free and smooth makeup finish all day..
Brand: Tony Moly
Upgrade your mask routine with the I'm Real Lemon Mask Sheet from Tony Moly. This Korean skincare product contains 5 mask sheet that is a very good deal and can last you for 5 times of use. It is enriched with Lemon Extract that keeps the complexion of the skin bright and clear. The I'm Real Lemon ..
Brand: Tony Moly
Description:A lip gloss that provides a gorgeous shine and moist to the lips. It keeps the lips moisturized and hydrated with its essentials oils and nutrients.How to use:Apply an appropriate amount onto your lips...
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