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Brand: Missha
The Geumseol Giyun Essence from Missha is a Korean skincare product that targets women with problems on wrinkles and anti-aging. It is enriched with 100% Ginseng Water and Pure Gold Extract that awakens the dull and stressed skin to give a moisturized and hydrated face. How to use: Apply an appropri..
The History of Whoo Gongjinhyang Seol Brightening Gel is a Korean Skincare product that is similar to peeling. It cleanses the dead skin cells and prevent blackhead. It also protects the skim form blemishes to create a bright, clean and clear skin.How to use:Step 1: After cleansing, apply modera..
​Set contain the following items:  Gongjinhyang Seol Radiant White Balancer 150ml Gongjinhyang Seol Radiant White Emulsion 110ml Gongjinhyang Seol Radiant White Moisture Cream 4ml Gongjinhyang Seol Radiant White Eye Serum 5ml Gongjinhyang Seol Brightening Cleansing Foam 13ml..
This Korean Skincare product can whiten the skin to create a gorgeous looking face. It is formulated with a chrysanthellum indicum extract It is also expert in treating skin problems like boils, skin sores, irritation, and allergic skin reactions. Its powerful anti-inflammatory and antiseptic proper..
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