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This Too Cool For School McGirly Perfecter is a Korean Skincare product made with natural ingredients that gives nutrient and benefits to the skin. It contains natural ingredients that make your skin tight and healthy. It also contains Mistletoe Extract, Fruit Of The Silvervine Extract, Rice Ferment..
This Korean Skin Care product can give you an extreme facial cleansing experience. This cleansing scrub is made out of 10 kinds of fermented science, extract and rice wine that is rich in vitamin that can nourish and provide a silky, soft and healthy skin. It has also had a plant peeling content t..
This Korean Skincare product is a cream that is very useful for the skin. It contains Rice fermented extract that offers nutrition and radiance to the skin and resolve every skin problem. It has a high quality protein, calcium, Vitamin B2 and lactobacillus that creates flexible and radiant skin wh..
This Korean Skin Care product made Too Cool for School is one of the best mask that can nourish your skin. This mask contains natural ingredients of Rice Fermentation, Peppermint Leaf extract, Cowslip Extract, Lemon Balm Leaf Extract that can make the skin smooth with moisture and restore nutrient l..
This Korean Makeup product made by Too Cool For School can give you a vital lip expression and orchid-like lips look. It can provide glossy lip look even without lip gloss. It contains milk content that gives moisture and soften the dry lips making it looks kissable. In addition, It has a sweet and ..
This Korean Skin Care product by Too Cool for School is one of the best nose masks that can easily remove blackheads and whiteheads instantly. It has an excellent sebum absorptive function and white clay that removes all the impurities deeply into the pores while leaving it smooth and clean. It also..
This Korean Makeup tool is a perfect 5.5cm puff is made out of elastic NBR (Nitrile rubber) that is soft and smooth on the sensitive facial skin without irritation. It helps you easily apply make up perfectly without lump even if its liquid or balm type. Its also good for powder makeup application, ..
This Korean Cosmetic product made by Too Cool for School is one of the best selling and effective primer. This Primer is made out of natural ingredients of Tea tree, lavender, and other 10 herbs that vitalize skin. It also contains Aloe ingredients that give moisture to the skin, making it soft and ..
This Korean Makeup tool is an easy way of sharpening your pencil lines. It has a sharp blade and comes with a transparent cap that can provide messy sharpening. This is a 12mm plastic sharpener. ..
This Korean Makeup product can help you have a perfect photogenic face in just one quick application. It is made with a formulated vegetable nature oil that can make your skin tight and clear while providing moisture and elasticity that creates healthy and fresh skin looks. It also contains SPF powe..
This Korean Make up product is a very unique makeup base that can give a a soft silky rose white skin. It is formulated with a natural aloe vera that helps moisture the skin to prevent from dryness. Its pink base has an aurora glitter that creates glossy and silky skin. Take note that this base come..
This Korean Makeup product made by Too Cool for School comes with a cute tube bottle that can give you a simple but elegant lovely looking cheek. It contains natural ingredients of Damask rose oil, gamguk flower extract and Madonna lily flower extract that gives moisture and soft texture on just one..
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