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Brand: Innisfree
Relax your face with It's Real Squeeze Mask (Rice) from one of the famous Korean skincare brand, Innisfree! This mask is enriched with Rice Extract, Orange Peel Extract, Orchid Extract, Camellia Leaf Extract and Cactus Fruit Extract that gives the face a crystal looking skin. It has a triple layer s..
Brand: The Faceshop
Description: This Korean skincare product is a cleansing cream that removes make-up and stubborn dirt thoroughly . It is a cream formulation consisting of Rice Water ingredients that brighten the skin's complexion. It leaves skin soft, supple and toned. It contains moisturizers that nourishes ..
Brand: The Faceshop
Description: This Korean skincare cleanser cleanses, moisturizes, detoxifies and brightens the skin. It contains Rice Water and Moringa Oil leaves skin soft and hydrated. It keeps skin moisturized as it locks in moisture to prevent dryness. It's suitable for sensitive skin and ideal for use ev..
Brand: The Faceshop
Description: This Korean skincare cleanser evens out skin complexion and clears up the skin. It deep cleans from the surface of the skin and down into the pores through its foam technology. It is enriched with natural rice water ingredients that effectively brightens up the skin. It is suitabl..
Brand: The Faceshop
Description: This Korean skincare is a lotion with a milky consistency that gently lifts away dirt and other skin impurities off the skin.. It cleans effectively without drying your skin. It contains Rice Bran extract that heals stressed-out and tired skin. It also has brightening properties t..
Brand: The Faceshop
Description: This Korean skincare immediately dissolves dirt and other skin impurities on the skin's surface. It contains Jojoba Oil and Rice Bran Oil that hydrates and moisturizes the epidermis as it cleans. It can even be used to remove the thickest and the most waterproof of make-ups. It ha..
Brand: The Faceshop
Description: This Korean skincare has intense moisture absorbing and brightening properties. It contains Yeoju Rice,Vitamin B and minerals that gives skin a dewy and luminous complexion. It contains adenosine that minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles . It also rejuvenates tired ..
Brand: Tony Moly
The I'm Real Rice Mask is a must have Korean skincare product in your daily routine because it will help your skin to brighten up. This mask from Tony Moly is enriched with Rice Extract and Snail Extract that provides moisture and protection onto the skin. It is composed of a 3 layer pulp mask shee..
This Korean Skin Care product can give you an extreme facial cleansing experience. This cleansing scrub is made out of 10 kinds of fermented science, extract and rice wine that is rich in vitamin that can nourish and provide a silky, soft and healthy skin. It has also had a plant peeling content tha..
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