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Brand: The Faceshop
Description:This Korean make-up tool allows application of your BB and CC cushions with ease. It contains three layers of fine ruby cell material that withstand multiple usages. It can also be used on regular make-up bases like foundation for a more even application. You can now replace your ..
This Korean Makeup tool is a puff that Shapes like a U.F.O. It is a white smooth and soft puff that doesn't cause irritation to the sensitive skin. It is made with polyurethane with the size of 6.2cm x 6.5cm x 12cm. This puff is perfect on BB foundation to get a perfect application which creates a s..
This Too Cool for School Marshmallow Puff is one of the best selling Korean Cosmetic tools because it has an awesome quality. This puff is soft like marshmallow which is comfortable to use making it perfect for the delicate sensitive skin. It is made by Nitrile rubber (NBR) and Styrene-butadiene Rub..
This Korean Makeup tool is a perfect 5.5cm puff is made out of elastic NBR (Nitrile rubber) that is soft and smooth on the sensitive facial skin without irritation. It helps you easily apply make up perfectly without lump even if its liquid or balm type. Its also good for powder makeup application, ..
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