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Brand: Tony Moly
Description:It is a perfume bar that brings an elegant and blooming scent onto the body.How to use:Apply an appropriate amount...
Brand: Tony Moly
Description:A mild makeup remover that is good for all skin types most especially for people who have sensitive skin as it removes makeup thoroughly and also the residues behind. It gives a gentle touch to the skin and it leaves the skin moist and healthy.How to use:Using a cotton pad, d..
This Korean Makeup product is the very best way to have your lipstick even you're in the middle of the class because this lip crayon is specially made with a real crayon look that no one will ever notice. This Lip crayon is easy to use lipstick. It has a moisture finish that makes your lips soft and..
This Korean Makeup product is perfect has a 2 different colors that are perfect for the good girls or bad girls personalities. It has a silicon tip for clean and glowing lips that creates a natural look. It also contains colorless lip gloss that provides intense shine and lasting moisture for long ..
This Korean Makeup product can give you a sweet and kissable natural lip. It's not just an ordinary tint that can make your lips naturally beautiful, but it also helps to moisturize the lips to prevent drying and harmful environmental rays. It contains cupuacu butter, Vitamin E, and botanical butter..
This eyeliner comes with 7 trendy, cool colors that can give your eyes a lovely exotic look. This eyeliner is a gentle gel eyeliner that gives you an easy way of applying without irritation. It is also a long lasting liner that can make your vivid eye color retain sharp for very long hours. It also ..
This Korean Makeup product can give you a teenage, silky kissable baby lips. It comes with 3 different trendy, but looks natural on the lip color that is long lasting and soft on the lips. It is made with an easy to use auto lip pencil type that can give your a stress free application to achieve nat..
This Korean Makeup product that gives you an extreme cool bloody red vampire lip. It comes with a mystical, gorgeous and sophisticated color that creates a perfect, gorgeous, bloody red vampire lips.How to use:Step 1: Gently apply sideways from the center of the lips.  ..
This Lip tint is a Korean Makeup product that helps you achieve a perfect kissable, sexy and gorgeous looking lips. It comes with different blasting trendy color that you can enjoy. This lip tint is a gel type, texture which is totally matte on the lips, making it long lasting. It contains glossy ca..
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