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Brand: O HUI
Description: A convenient and easy-to-apply blusher with built-in brush to make the application natural and easy. How to use: At the last step of the makeup, apply appropriate amount with brush within T-zone, C-zone, under eye area or cheeks. ..
Brand: O HUI
Description: This Korean cosmetic is a highlighter that gives a radiant and glowing complexion to the skin. It contains shimmering pearls to reflect light and make skin luminous. It sticks to the skin well for long-lasting facial definition. How to use: Get an adequate amount onto a brush..
Brand: O HUI
Description: This Korean cosmetic is a concealer that covers-up blemishes, dark under eye circles and other facial imperfections to create a smooth and flawless complexion. It has SPF37 to protect the skin against the damaging effects of the sun. It has a smooth formula that moisturizes the ski..
Brand: The Saem
This Korean Makeup product can magically hide uneven on the skin. It comes with a soft focus powder that is comparable to the skin curve rate. It has a moisturizing effect that naturally creates a bright and transparent skin for a very long hours. Don't forget that this concealer has an SPF power o..
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