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Level up your skincare routine with the Fresh Green Tea Seed Serum from Nature Republic! This Korean skincare product is a serum that is made from natural oils such as Green Tea Seed Oil, Soybean Oil, and Chamomile Extract that provides rich moisture and nutrients onto the skin. It has a soft effect..
Nourish your face with the Shea Butter Steam Cream Fresh from Nature Republic! This Korean skincare product is one of the famous item in Nature Republic that is known for being a fresh steam cream that contains Shea Butter that is dissolved in 100 C Hot Steam. This steam cream gives the skin rich m..
Brand: O HUI
Description: This Korean beauty brand offers this new product for women which is a mild and refreshing feminine body cleanser that cleanses women's genitals hygienically. It has a slightly acidic pH to kill bacteria, yeasts and viruses in the area. It has Wormwood Extract that keeps the genital..
Brand: O HUI
Description: This Korean skincare is a cleansing foam and scrub that effectively eliminates dirt, impurities and make-up off the face. It exfoliates dead skin cells to reveal healthier skin underneath and also controls excessive sebum production to prevent future skin troubles. It also prevents..
Brand: The Faceshop
Description: This Korean foam cleanser soothes and moisturizes as gently cleans sensitive skin. It contains 95% of natural ingredients like tamanu seed oil, glycyrrhizin and licorice extracts that gently purifies,whitens, protects and moisturizes the skin. Its lightweight formula is tough in ab..
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