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Brand: O HUI
Description: This Korean skincare is an emulsion that is easily absorbed through the skin to moisturize and hydrate it. It contains Aurora Hyaluronic Acid that provides a protective barrier against moisture loss through the skin. It effectively refines and improves skin resilience and texture. ..
Brand: O HUI
Description: This Korean skincare is an emulsion that provides intense moisture and nourishment to the skin. It contains a natural plant derivative known as Chiffon Ceramide that helps retain moisture in the skin by creating a barrier. It also helps protect the skin against environmental stress..
Brand: SU:M37
Description: This Korean skincare helps regenerate damaged skin cells and slows down the process of aging for healthier and younger-looking skin. It nourishes and hydrates the skin to effectively bring back the skin's vitality and improve rough and dull skin. It contains 80 natural ingredients ..
Brand: SU:M37
Description: This Korean beauty product is a nourishing lotion enriched with 10 Fermented Natural Plant Extracts that provides essential nutrients for healthy and glowing skin. It effectively prevents and relieves dry and damaged skin through its intense moisturizing properties. It also brighte..
Brand: SU:M37
Description: This Korean skincare is a lotion that moisturizes and cares for babies' sensitive skin. It contains Fermented ingredients that provide moisture and locks it in for long-lasting softness. It also soothes and calms weak and irritated skin of babies It's hypoallergenic, so it's suita..
Brand: SU:M37
Description: This Korean skincare is a gel lotion that turns watery as soon as it comes in contact with the skin to better provide it with moisture and nourishment. It also helps increase the moisture density of your skin for a softer and smoother skin through its Hibiscus Flower Extract. It co..
Brand: The Faceshop
Description: This Korean skincare smooths rough skin and provides moisture to create soft and supple skin. It contains natural oils that act as a protective barrier Its milky blend gives moisture that reaches even the deepest skin layers. It gives the skin a radiant and healthy glow. How to..
This Korean skin care product comes with an ancient jar-like design with a touch of modern girly color of pink that can make you feel like an ancient god. This lotion is made out of medicinal herb extract that takes care and provide moisture, energy and elasticity to create a fresh beautiful skin. ..
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