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Brand: Missha
Description: This Korean skincare is a vitality cream that moisturizes the skin as it helps diminish fine lines and wrinkles on the skin. It also restores the vitality of your skin so you'll look healthy and glowing as you age. It also has a lightweight formula that's easily absorbed by the ski..
Brand: O HUI
Description: This Korean skincare is a whitening emulsion that effectively whitens the skin through its White Flower Vitamin ingredient. It provides deep moisture and hydration to the skin to make it silky soft and smooth. It also protects the skin against environmental damages and also soothes..
Brand: SU:M37
Description: This Korean skincare is a lotion that moisturizes and cares for babies' sensitive skin. It contains Fermented ingredients that provide moisture and locks it in for long-lasting softness. It also soothes and calms weak and irritated skin of babies It's hypoallergenic, so it's suita..
Brand: SU:M37
Description: This Korean skincare effectively whitens and diminishes dark spots and skin dullness. It visibly lightens the skin from deep within to make it brighter and radiant. It contains Micro pearl protein fermentation™ and NAPS intensive care that gives your skin a bright and healthy glow...
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