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This Korean Makeup product can make your lips soft and kissable in just a quick application. It comes with a cute pocket size pact with mirror attached that is easy to use and handy. It gives moisturized and simple color lips in just one step.How to use:Step 1: Gently apply to the lips using lip..
This BB cream is a Korean Makeup product that can magically turn your skin into a royalty-like look skin. This BB cream can naturally hide blemishes, unlikely spots, and visible wrinkles and creates a bright and transparent skin. It contains Mak geol-li extract fermented naturally that gives nourish..
This Korean Skincare product is a cream that is very useful for the skin. It contains Rice fermented extract that offers nutrition and radiance to the skin and resolve every skin problem. It has a high quality protein, calcium, Vitamin B2 and lactobacillus that creates flexible and radiant skin whil..
This Korean Makeup product can help you have a perfect photogenic face in just one quick application. It is made with a formulated vegetable nature oil that can make your skin tight and clear while providing moisture and elasticity that creates healthy and fresh skin looks. It also contains SPF powe..
This Korean Cosmetic product is a BB cream that can give you a silky, princess-like skin. This BB has a fine powder cover that provides cleaner and brighter looking skin. It can also naturally hides your blemishes, unlikely spot, and visible wrinkles while leaving it moisture making it long lasting...
This Korean Makeup product by too cool for school is an effective way to achieve your natural baby-like lips. This lipstick is perfect, even on your normal day. It can give you a nude natural lip that you want. It also comes with a silicon film primer that creates soft application and long lasting a..
Brand: Laneige
The Skin Veil Base EX is a great makeup base from Laneige that makes your skin soft and clean. It provides a high moisture and coverage that helps your skin to have a long lasting makeup power. It is consists of 3 colors which are Light Green and Light Purple that would definitely fit your skin and..
The Angel Lip Balm is like a magic that casts a spell on your lips and gives you a volumized and fuller lips. It is enriched with Shea Butter Extract and Honey Extract that offers lip care and radiant lip makeup at the same time. The Angel Lip Balm is an amazing Korean skincare product from Nature ..
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