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Brand: Hera
Description: These Korean products come in a set that includes the Water Bank Moisture Essence EX 30ml and Water Bank Moisture Gel Cream EX 20ml. The Water Bank Moisture Essence EX is a moisturizing gel-type cream that cools the skin down as it is applied on the skin, especially in extreme hot w..
Brand: Holika Holika
Holika Holika Pig Nose Clear Blackhead 3 step kit is a very effective and recommended Korean Skin product that can removes your blackheads instantly without pricking. It can removes sebum and refines the pore and also removes dead skin cells in your nose area. How to use: Step 1: After washing, p..
Brand: Innisfree
Description: A mask sheet that is enriched with black berry that gives tons of nourishment and moisture to keep to skin radiant and healthy. It is made of triple layer sheet that enables the skin to experience long lasting moisture. How to use: After applying toner, apply the face mask onto..
Brand: Its Skin
This Korean Beauty tool is a helpful brush to cleanse your face. A fine brush which sized 11.3cm x 1.2cm that gently removes blackheads and creates a clear and clean skin. How to use: Step 1: Wet the brush using a cleansing product (foam, cleanser powder, or cleansing soap) creates lather bubbles ..
Brand: Its Skin
This Korean Beauty product helps you maintain or put some moisture deeply into man's tight skin. It contains the natural Musin essence extracted from snail mucus that is known with super cell restoration, hydration and nourishing power. Musin essence can restore and heal dry and sensitive skin whil..
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