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Brand: O HUI
Description:This Korean skincare is an alcohol-free toner that has Angel's Tears Extract, which is effective in controlling sebum to prevent future breakouts. It contains Selemix AN and Mountain Bamboo Extract that purifies and helps balance the oil and water system of the skin. It leaves the ..
Brand: O HUI
Description:This Korean skincare is a skin softener that effectively softens rough skin textures and makes them soft and smooth. It also brightens and whitens the skin effectively through its White Flower ingredient. It helps wash off remaining dirt on the skin to create a clean and clear skin..
Brand: O HUI
Description:This Korean skincare is a nourishing emulsion that provides the skin with moisture and restores its flexibility. It contains Recombitant Stem Cell Culture Extract to prevent the onset of premature aging. It provides a barrier to prevent moisture from escaping through the skin so it..
Brand: O HUI
Description:This Korean skincare is a cleansing liquid that is ideal for use on sensitive skin. It gives intense moisture as it cleans the skin from dirt and debris. It thoroughly cleans the skin without the irritation and there's no need for a double cleanse. It has potent hydrating propertie..
Brand: O HUI
Description:This Korean skincare contains Chiffon Ceramide, a natural plant derivative, that heals the damage on the barrier of the skin. It is hypoallergenic and instantly calms and soothes irritated skin. It also helps remove dead skin cells to make skin soft and smooth. It greatly improves..
Brand: O HUI
Description:This Korean beauty product is a refreshing body mist spray that's perfect for the bright and lively girl in you. It's light and mild scent is non-irritating and non-heady to the senses. The fragrance lasts through for many hours.How to use:After bathing or showering, spray o..
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