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SQ&I Group of companies is fully committed to the goals of social responsibility. We endeavor to take care of all our stakeholders, including our customers, employees, and the general public.


We believe that the privileged few have a moral duty and responsibility toward the underprivileged. With this in mind, we are committed to contributing 3% of our group’s net profit for social causes in different countries. Shop now for all your famous Korean cosmetic and skincare products and help needy people.



We encourage our socially responsible customers and partners to contribute to this noble cause as well. If you wish to donate or want to be a part of the Q-cause team, please call us directly or email us at You may send your donation directly to our PayPal account:


Donations should never be quantified. No contribution is too little or too much. We believe that everyone should contribute according to their resources and abilities. Furthermore, contribution need not only be monetary, but it could also be in the form of volunteer work to help us carry out various socially-driven endeavors from time-to-time. We encourage our customers, employees and the general public to contribute generously towards this noble cause.


When we need any volunteers for social cause campaigns, we will post the details on our Facebook, Twitter, or other social media profiles. Do like/follow us on these sites. If you would like to join us in our cause by donating in any way, please write to us directly at We thank you for your generous contribution.  





Note: If you have contributed in any way to our social causes, you have the right to ask for documentary proof about how and where the funds were used. We take pride in being a transparent and honest company and maintain complete parity in our running of social causes’ campaigns.