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Our Team

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SHAH, Hassan



Shah is a graduate from an international university with a Master’s degree in Business Administration. He possesses extensive corporate experience in business establishment and development in Asian regional markets. Based in Hong Kong, Shah has a burgeoning repertoire that includes skills in different business areas and multitasking. He is the spearhead in our campaign for successful establishment and operational perfection at

A friendly man with an outspoken personality, Shah has indubitable entrepreneurial skills. His abilities of idea generation and refining are a vital cog in the machinery of’s establishment and success. He is a passionate hiker, an active player of tennis, squash, badminton and a beginner in golf. 



Min-Ji Song

Co-founder & Director of Procurement

A successful entrepreneur with over 10 years of extensive experience in Korean cosmetics. She has been keen on Korean cosmetics and always dreams of building her career in the same industry. After graduating in Business Administration, she decided not to join her family business of car spare parts manufacturing rather get into the cosmetics industry. After spending over 8 years while working for local cosmetic brands and promoting overseas, she joined q-depot to share her knowledge and secrets of Korean cosmetics.



Queenie Yau

Head of the Marketing Department


Queenie is an enthusiastic marketing specialist with a Master’s degree in Arts and Marketing from the University of Lincoln (UK) along with a Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing. With a passion for marketing, she has been credited for many successful marketing campaigns in the last 10 years with multinational brands like Bacardi. These marketing campaigns have been applauded for delivering the best prices and value to the consumers. Her rich experience of marketing on a global front is the backbone of the success of our marketing department here at  

She is a passionate sports lady and a semi-professional player of table tennis. Active player of badminton, squash, tennis, and ski.


Ivy Wong

Head of Customer Services


After graduating from Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Ivy Wong started her professional career with several Japanese and Korean companies, wherein she has held high positions in Customer Support and Marketing departments. Being associated with Korean Companies in the past and intrinsically attached to Korean culture, Ivy has been greatly influenced by their concepts of beauty and natural skincare. At, we are privileged to have her as a part of our team to provide outstanding customer services to our esteemed customers. 

She is a big fan of shopping and of course cosmetics, love cooking, and yoga.