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Our Brand Story

Our Brand Story


Incident and Inspiration


q-depot.com creation incident of ski in Korea


The incident that inspired the establishment of q-depot.com started with a skiing trip to Korea that resulted in weather-beaten damaged skin which expensive western brands could not restore. Inexpensive but highly effective Korean cosmetic brands like Innisfree and Etude House offered a lasting solution to restore damaged skin and maintain its beauty. And that’s when I decided to unveil this secret to thousand of women out there who are exhausted from trying different ways to get their beauty back and look as gorgeous as they deserve. That was the main motivation behind the establishment of q-depot.com to bring these jewels right at the doorstep of you guys.




cruelty free Korean Cosmetics and Makeup


Every Korean cosmetic and skincare product is created with the motto that “Natural is the Best.” They are made with natural ingredients that have restorative and deep-conditioning benefits without any side effects. Korean cosmetic is not only formulated with natural ingredients, while most of them are non-animal tested as well, which are considered as ethical and eco-friendly products. This inspired us to promote natural and cruelty-free products and we consider it a noble cause. Stand with us and use cruelty-free cosmetics to pay your share.