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One-stop-shop Korean Cosmetics Wholesale Malaysia

Are you looking for a trusted & authentic Korean Cosmetics Wholesale Supplier to Malaysia? Well, you have just visited the right place. Q-depot is a No.1 rated supplier by Malaysian customers on Google, Facebook & ResellerRatings, and trusted by 30,000+ other customers worldwide. We supply 100% authentic and fresh products directly from Korea to Malaysia and deliver right at your doorstep with free customs handling.

We ship 300+ top Korean cosmetics to our customers in Malaysia. Besides, 100+ Japanese cosmetic brands are available for wholesale and 160+ Korean Food brands. Q-depot is truly your one-stop shop for Korean & Japanese cosmetics and Korean Food. 

Most powerful wholesale system ever

Browse products, place orders, check the progress and track your order right from your account with a few clicks using our newly developed, most powerful wholesale ERP system.

Product Picture
See each product picture & other details before you order.
Easy Ordering
Place your wholesale orders by few clicks from anywhere on any device.
Order Progress
Check your order progress and follow up right in your account.
Payment record
Check your payment record right in your account for all currencies.
Easy Tracking
Track your orders right in your account for most of the couriers.
Check what brands and products are trending by country and your past analytics.
Top-rated Supplier in Malaysia
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Malaysian Customs Handling
We handle customs and deliver door-to-door in Malaysia. No more worries of paying hefty customs tax and going through a lot of hassle. We got you covered by clearing customs while you sit in the comfort of your home or office and wait for the goods to be delivered right at your door. Now isn't it easy to shop Korean cosmetics wholesale from Malaysia?
100% authentic & fresh

Authentic and fresh products are shipped directly from South Korea to our customers all over Malaysia. You may request a Certificate of Origin for your order, issued by the Korean Chamber of Commerce to assure that you are buying authentic products. 

Low MOA $500+ only

Start small with low MOA (minimum order amount), less risk, understand the process and grow big over time together with our support. Buy multiple brands with a small budget and offer a wider variety in your startup store. 

All through one window

We understand the diverse market needs in Malaysia, hence we offer not only Korean cosmetics but Japanese cosmetics and Korean Food for wholesale as well. All of your business needs to be fulfilled through one window. Isn't it super convenient?

Short lead time

We understand how important is the timely delivery of orders for your business. Q-depot offers the shortest lead time of 1-2 weeks to get your goods ready, and delivery to Malaysia will take 3-5 days only. Generally, suppliers take up to a month while Q-depot gets your goods ready and delivers in the shortest possible time.

Detailed analytics

Check detailed analytics of your ordering history and what other customers are ordering from Malaysia and the world. Find out the top-selling brands and products in Malaysia right in your account so that you can select the right brands and products for your market.