Is CC Cream the Product You Need?




CC Cream entered the marked on the heels of BB Cream, the Korean skin care miracle. It is gaining popularity among the best beauty brands in the market and in the Western world as well. There are plenty of things you should know about this wonderful skin care product and why you need to be using it.


You are probably asking yourself what is it made of and how is it different from BB Cream. You may have heard that there are no differences at all, and one is just as good as the other. But it is one beauty product that you will realize that you cannot live without. It will add to your makeup routine to make your already gorgeous makeup even better. After you have learned everything there is to know about CC cream, you will know that it is the one product that you have been missing out on.




CC Cream: The All In One Beauty Miracle



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CC Cream, short for color control cream or color correcting cream, is a term that was born in the wake of the popularity of BB Cream. Most CC creams will reduce the appearance of redness or paleness in skin and make the skin tone more even. It is only meant to correct skin color, so it is usually lighter than BB Cream and most consumers use it as a primer, rather than a foundation.


This cutting edge cosmetic product can be used to replace many other makeup products, including, but not limited to, moisturizer, sunscreen, primer, anti aging serum, concealer and foundation. It can be worn in many different ways depending on what your needs are, what imperfections you may be looking to conceal and what your skin type is.


CC Cream is the lighter, more versatile sister of the popular BB Cream which entered into the Korean cosmetics market in the 1960s. It actually started in Germany, invented by a doctor who was look for the perfect formula to protect the skin on the faces of her patients after they had done laser facial peels. The product would not only have to protect the skin from the elements, such as the sun, but it would also have to hide any redness as a result of the procedure, which is why it is tinted to match different skin complexions. CC Cream is like BB Cream but, even better.


CC Cream is manufactured in many different formulas and in different shades to match your complexion. Most CC Cream will be made up of vitamins A, C, and E, which brighten the skin and prevent aging. Others have anti-aging ingredients like collagen, moisturizing agents, and mica, which makes the skin glow and shimmer. It will also definitely have ingredients that will cause the skin tone to appear more even and uniform, such as liquorice.


This produce is great for protecting your skin from the harmful rays of the sun, as many brands are made with a high level of SPF protection. They are water resistant, and many include collagen which helps to prevent wrinkles by keeping the face youthful and fresh. Though CC Creams only come in three to five different shades, do not worry about whether it will match your skin tone. It is designed to oxidize so that it will automatically adjust to match your skin tone once it is applied to your face.


This miracle makeup product is perfect for the woman who prefers a more natural and simple makeup routine. With CC Cream, you can just apply little, and then apply eye and lip makeup and dash out the door. This product of money will also cut down on the expense of various different beauty products, because it can replace the function of up to eight.




What is The Difference Between BB and CC Cream?



The difference between BB and CC Cream is almost imperceptible, but it is there. While BB Cream is more like a lighter version of foundation with some added skin benefits, CC Cream is meant to specifically deal with redness or paleness in the facial skin. They are much easier on the skin than BB cream, due to their light finish. CC Creams lighter consistency makes it a much better option for women with skin that is oily, or prone to acne. Like BB Creams, CC Creams do offer a plethora of added benefits, including SPF protection.


CC Creams are often compared to tinted moisturizers. They are fast absorbing into the skin. They are a good way to give the appearance of your skin a bit of a boost, without too much time or effort. Depending on the brand, they will be either more effective or not as effective as concealing skin imperfections as BB Cream or foundation, but they are great for the morning rush, or for going to the gym, when you are looking for a one step solution to skin care issues.




What Are the Best Korean Brands of CC Cream?





There are lots of brands of CC Cream to choose from, many of which are produced by the best beauty brands. Some, of course, are quite expensive and others seem like quite the bargain. It is important that you focus on the needs that you want your CC Cream to serve, rather than just thinking about the price. Do not worry, though. There is no need for you to break the bank.


You can get great deals on CC Creams from brands like Tony Moly, Faceshop and Etude House, all of which are available on the website For instance, the Etude House Correct and care CC Cream is a great option if you would like to treat yourself. It is one of the best Korean cosmetic brands and boasts eight great benefits for your skin all in one convenient bottle. Some of these benefits include healthier skin. This CC cream will also lighten the color of your skin if you are looking to get a more even and fairer complexion. It can be used as a primer as the first line of defense against imperfection and it has a light consistency.


Another popular brand of CC Cream is produced by the Face Shop. Their Face it Smart Capsule Color Control Cream is one that will not only correct unsightly blemishes but brighten the skin, making look fresher. It is enriched with three types of capsules and even blood orange extract in order to help your skin to retain moisture and make enhance its overall beauty. This CC Cream also has anti aging properties, as it will conceal the appearance of wrinkles and age lines.


Tony Moly, another great CC Cream brand, compares itself to BB Cream, but has the added benefit of correcting the skin tone. This well known Korean cosmetics brand offers a CC Cream with special technology that will allow it to change color to match with your true complexion. It also has natural elements that will help to hydrate your skin, as well as nurture it.


Any of these amazing brands will be able to offer you all of the benefits that you would like to get from your CC Cream for a reasonable price, at This product is life changing, to say the least, and once you get your hands on the perfect CC Cream for you, your face will thank you, and there will definitely be no turning back!




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