Do you dream to have make up same as those K-pop stars, with transparent skin, innocent eyes, natural and clean and yet glamorous? Today we are going to share with you the top secret tips revealed by the Korean makeup artist to make your dream makeup comes true.  



K-Pop Star "natural clean" make up Tip 1 : Proper skincare before make up


Korean makeup artist has revealed that pre-make up preparation, skincare steps are very important. First use the spray INNISFREE Jeju Lava Seawater Mist to cool down the skin, then use the moisturizing essence SKINFOOD Miracle Food 10 Solution Serum to wipe along the texture of the skin. Massage the moisturizing lotion NATURE REPUBLIC Vitamin B5 Emulsion in a circular motion, especially the sides of the nose.


These steps contribute in smoothing the pores and improving the skin texture and the make up will be more natural. When the skin condition is really bad, the moisturizing mask will be applied for 30 minutes.



k-pop makeup tips - massage moisturizer




K-Pop Star "natural clean" make up Tip 2: Air cushion powder emphasizes W area


South Korean makeup artist said that he would light up the face first before applying the foundation, this will enlighten the skin tone from inside out and to make the make up looks more natural.The W area above the cheek is reinforced with an air cushion powder ETUDE HOUSE Double Lasting Cushion, so that the gloss concentration will create a three-dimensional face effect.



k-pop makeup tips - cushion w area




K-Pop Star "natural clean" make up Tip 3: Dark Circle Eye Concealer focuses on the "Lower Triangle" area of the eyes


The focus of the “natural clean” make up is whether the dark circles can be successfully hided. It is wrong to cover the lower eyelid area when covering the dark circles.




K-pop Star "natural clean" make up Tip 4: The "lower triangle" is brought up to the lower eyelid


When covering the dark circles, first use the concealer CLIO Kill Cover Pro Artist Stick Concealer on the "lower triangle" area of the eyes, then go up to the lower eyelid area. Then apply a layer of powder to make the makeup natural and lasting.



k-pop makeup tips - hide dark cirlce eyes



K-Pop Star "natural clean" make up Tip 5: eyebrows shall not be painted in one stroke


The makeup should be natural, and the eyebrows should be based on the shape of your own eyebrows. Start by sketching the eyebrows from the bottom end of the eyebrows. Remember to fill the eyebrows with a small portion from the end, then continue to the front of the eyebrow. You can slightly increase the color of the eyebrows and draw from the eyebrows to the brow.



k-pop makeup tips - eyebrow end to front




K-Pop Star "natural clean" make up Tip 6: brow brush up, eyebrows brush down


Use the eyebrow brush to brush the brow hair upwards, and the direction to the end of the eyebrows is to brush down to create a beautiful and natural eyebrow.



k-pop makeup tips - eyebrow brush direction




K-Pop Star "natural clean" make up Tip 7: Use air cushion powder to modify under the eyebrows.


You can use a brush to get a small portion of air cushion powder IOPE Air Cushion Natural to modify the underside of the eyebrows to make the eyebrows more clean and solid.




K-Pop Star "natural clean" make up Tip 8: Use the same color tone to create transparent make up


Korean Star nowadays uses same color tone for blush and lip, just to contrast some facial features by using a deeper and lighter color choice. The inner eyeline is also just to strengthen the eye depth, hence the light coffee eye shadow usually used such as Mamonde Flower Pop Eye Brick No.1 would be perfect choice. Minimizing the color of the face is the key to create a naturally clean and transparent make up and yet glamorous.



k-pop makeup tips - same color tone for lips and blush




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