For people who have smooth skin, they might look beautiful, but a person who is struggling to achieve smooth skin, and are shuffling through a lot of skin care tips might know how tough it is to have flawless skin, free of acnes, blemishes, zits and any other issues.





Additionally, having a smooth skin requires continuous efforts and is not a single day affair. You need to repeat the process day – in and day – out with the Korean cosmetics, Korean skincare products, and then you might have the flawless skin you have dream of.


So, for all those people who are still struggling to have that smooth as a marble skin, here are some beauty tips for women to make sure that you actually achieve your dreams.


Smooth Skin Beauty Tip 1: Slather an Extra Amount of Sunscreen





You might be tired of hearing this, but yes, sunscreen actually helps you to look younger, without all those wrinkles and crow’s feet. According to experts, ninety percent of wrinkles are due to sun exposure without proper precaution. So, when you are actually buying a sunscreen, make sure that it guards you against UVA (these cause premature aging of skin) and UVB (these causes skin cancer) rays.


So, if you are looking for smooth skin tips, you can definitely change your sunscreen lotion which is at least SPF30.



 Smooth Skin Beauty Tip 2: Have Some Mixed Nuts





Want to have smooth skin without using Korean cosmetics? Munch on some nuts from different varieties, and you will see the wonderful effect on your skin. Each of the nuts that you consume has a different effect on the body, and is responsible for nourishing you in the correct way. For example, the Brazil nuts are rich in selenium content, which is responsible for increasing the elasticity of the skin and decreasing the risks associated with skin cancer. On the other hand, walnuts are responsible for lowering inflammation, and are also making sure that you do not die of a heart attack.


Smooth Skin Beauty Tip 3: Exfoliate A Bit More





It’s amazing how something tiny can cause a big issue. However, enlarged pores are one of the most common known enemies of smooth skin. Thus, you need to make sure that there are no issues like dead skin cells, oils and keratin in your skin. If you use exfoliators regularly, you can be sure to get rid of the sebum in skin, and other skin related issues like acne, pimples and blackheads. 


Smooth Skin Beauty Tip 4: Remove Makeup Before Bed





No matter how tired you are, or how busy you are, you need to remove that Korean makeup after the parties you have attended. If you use water resistant makeup, make sure you use some makeup remover, which will mildly remove all the colors from your skin making it healthy. To add to the effect, you can also apply a layer of skin cleanser for a clear skin, and apply some night cream before you actually doze off.


Smooth Skin Beauty Tip 5: Smooth Skin around Eyes Area Try Soy Milk



If you are running out of time to sleep and have dark circles or crow’s feet around your eyes, try out some soy milk. Apply the cold soy milk with a cotton swab on the affected areas, and you will be able to see the difference after a couple of days.  The natural anti – inflammatory substance reduces the swelling around the eyes, while the soy protein makes the skin softer and helps to get rid of crow’s feet. The frigid temperature of the milk helps to relax the swelling and the constriction of the blood vessels making it look lesser bloodshot. All you need to do is close your eyes, and hold the cotton swab on the affected areas, and relax for a minute or two.


Smooth Skin Beauty Tip 6: Avoid Hot Water




A steamy bath may sound great, especially after a tiring day. However, it is one of the worst things you can do for your skin. Not only does the hot water or steam strip away the essential oils from your skin making it dry, but also creates a mild burn on your skin. Additionally, the blood vessels are dilated in an effort to cool your skin and thus causing flush and redness. If you are in your twenties, you can definitely take a hot shower, however, if you are in your thirties, make sure you reduce the number of hot showers.


Smooth Skin Beauty Tip 7: Start Using Serum




Serum can be helpful in vitalizing and make your skin smooth and make sure that you do not have wrinkles and other issues to take care of. One of the benefits of serum is that it is more concentrated than lotion or cream, so you need to use a small amount to see the results. When you are planning to buy a serum, make sure it has anti – oxidants in it, which is the skin’s most effective defense against free radicals and stress. For best results of serum, make sure you apply it on a freshly washed skin to have the maximum effects. Additionally, do add moisturizer or sunscreen to have a protective layer.


Smooth Skin Beauty Tip 8: Avoid Pricking Pimples



When you have a pimple, it is natural that you feel uncomfortable, and think about it always. Additionally, you have an uncontrollable urge to prick it, no matter what the consequence is. Don’t do it! According to experts, picking the skin, even lightly can cause permanent damage. Every time you prick a pimple, it causes distress and inflammation to your skin, and also causes bacteria to seep up through the break, making the oil glands burst and causing more skin issues than there were in the first place.


Smooth Skin Beauty Tip 9: Put Down That Extra Fry




 Looking for easy beauty tips? When in a group, put down the last fry even if you love fries a lot. Your skin will definitely say “thank you” to you silently. Additionally, make sure to add a lot of colorful veggies to your diet, including broccoli, tomatoes, capsicum, fish, white meat poultry. You can also have fruits, which hydrate you naturally, like watermelon, cucumber, papaya. They will not only make you healthy, but also provide your skin with a naturally healthy glow, which cannot be achieved with any product.


Smooth Skin Beauty Tip 10: Clean Your Makeup Brush






Sanitization is one of the most important factors when you want to have problem less skin. So, make sure that you clean your makeup brush regularly, especially after you have used it once, so that you don’t have any issues after using it next time. Additionally, don’t forget to sanitize your smartphone, because you spend majority of your time with it, and the germs can definitely travel through that to your skin easily.


So, now that you know about these cool hacks to make your skin smooth enough, why not try out the Korean cosmetic which can provide you with smooth skin.



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