One-size-fits-all may be possible for some things, but eyebrow shapes is definitely not one of them. Just typing in "how to shape eyebrows" has a plethora of results. People are aware of how their eyebrow shape can make or break their face and overall makeup.


Actions (in this case photos) speak louder than words so here are the guidelines on how to shape eyebrows according to your face shape.


Let's determine which face shape you are first. Use a mirror and determine your face shape with this guide.



Different face shapes




Once you have your face shape determined, here is the corresponding guide on  how to shape eyebrows






Finally, here is the tutorial on how to shape eyebrows






Step 1:
Tweeze stray hair and trim the excess length on top of eyebrows.

Steps 2 and 3:
Draw on outline of the brows to keep the eyebrow shape.

Step 4:
Use either powder or liquid tattoo to fill in the eyebrows.

Steps 5 and 6: 
This is optional. To clean up your eyebrows, wipe on concealer underneath and above the tail of your eyebrows. Blend.





Examples of celebrities with different face shapes






Heart shaped faces are advised not to follow the trend of having "groomed unkempt" brows ala Cara Delevigne. 





Create the illusion of definition in a round face by having the eyebrows strongly arched.







With angles here and there, one way to avoid being a polygon is having the brows slightly rounded at the end.






Balance a  long face by elongating the length of the brows as seen in Liv Tyler's makeup.




This is the face shape coveted by Koreans and what Korean cosmetics aim for. The signature flat shaped eyebrows of Jessca Alba is similar to many K-pop stars and celebrities.






Suggested products


Innisfree Eco BeautyTool Self Eyebrow Kit



This kit contains the essential things you need to keep your eyebrows on fleek.






CLIO Kill Brow Tinted Tattoo Pen



If you want your work of art to last all day, this Korean cosmetic is considered a holy grail for its long-lasting power.


To sum this up,







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