Whether you are importing the latest Korean Cosmetics Wholesale from Q-depot or exporting them to your customers in UAE, an easy and cost-effective cross-border payment system is just as crucial as eating Kabsa once a week. That's where Wise makes an entry, which is now available in Saudi Arabia (KSA). 

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Wise: A Game Changer in Cross-Border Payments

Wise Payment Available in Saudi Arabia with SAB

Wise is a UK-based company that is best known globally for revolutionizing international money transfers. It has established itself as a trusted platform for fast, affordable, and transparent cross-border payments and is now available in Saudi Arabia. Here's why it's a game-changer:

Affordable Solutions:

Wise is committed to offering its customers the most cost-effective options for international money transfers. According to Wise, they are 4 times cheaper than traditional banks and other such service providers. For our customers, this translates to considerable savings when sending payments to us. 

Speed and Convenience:

Wise is known to prioritize speed and convenience. Our customers can enjoy quicker transactions compared to other methods, making sure that we receive your payments on time and proceed with your order promptly.


Wise uses real exchange rates and does not enforce hidden fees or markups. This transparency builds trust, allowing our customers to confidently use Wise knowing you are getting the best value for your Riyals.

Wise Partners with Local Banks in Saudi Arabia

We have come to know that Wise has taken steps to make itself accessible to people in Saudi Arabia by partnering with one local bank for now.

This means that customers of SAB can now use Wise's services directly through the bank's online banking platforms. We have reasons to believe that Wise will expand its partnership to more banks in KSA very soon and customers of every bank will be able to use their services easily soon enough.

What It Means for Our Customers

The partnership between Wise and these local banks means many benefits for our customers:

Cost Savings:

When you send payments through wise, you will be charged much much less compared to traditional banking methods. This means that our large customer base in KSA can transfer big amounts easily and buy more to boost their business. 


Your transactions reaching us faster means that we can begin processing your orders faster and get them shipped to you promptly. 

Trust and Reliability:

Wise's transparent pricing and commitment to real exchange rates make sure that you can rely on its service, not just for paying Q-depot, but for all your cross-border payment needs.

Future Expansion

While Wise is currently available in Saudi Arabia exclusively for the customers of partner banks, there's good news on the horizon. Wise is actively working on expanding its network and they intend to collaborate with more banks in the future. This expansion will grant our customers more options and enhanced accessibility when using Wise.

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