Dr. Wonder is not just another emerging K-beauty brand. It is a wonder of Korean derma cosmetics that combines innovative science with generations-old traditions and herbal medicine.

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The brand is not so popular globally yet, but it is getting strong ground in South East Asian Markets such as Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia and also making its way toward the U.S.A market. This emerging brand has many functional cosmetics such as foot peeling, acne patches, nail treatments, and more. Their products are made from safe ingredients and work to repair, calm, and moisturize skin.

Why Name It Dr. Wonder?

Well, there are actually many Korean skincare brands that are named Dr. This and Dr. that. So, many Asian beauty enthusiasts wonder what it actually means? but worry no more, we got the answer for you!

Dr Wonder Korean Cosmetics Wholesale

Dr. Wonder, the skincare brand, cleverly combines the elements of "Dr." and "Wonder" to convey its core principles. The use of "Dr." signifies the brand's commitment to safety and the use of reliable, trusted ingredients. It represents a dedication to formulating products that are not only effective but also prioritize the well-being of the skin. On the other hand, "Wonder" represents the brand's aspiration to provide easy and convenient solutions that yield remarkable results. By combining these two elements, Dr. Wonder aims to offer skincare products that harness the power of science and nature, providing users with a sense of assurance and excitement as they embark on their skincare journey.

Top Selling Product

Acne Patch

Dr. Wonder is especially known for their acne patch, which is a hydrocolloid patch that helps heal pimples faster and prevent scarring. The patch absorbs excess sebum and pus from the blemish and creates a protective barrier against bacteria and dirt. It also reduces inflammation and redness and soothes the skin. The patch is transparent and thin, so you can wear it discreetly under makeup or overnight.

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