With Halloween just round the corner, and basically just 30 days later, the preparations might be in full fledge. However, do you have any Halloween makeup ideas yet? Well, don’t you? Fret not, because we bring you the best Halloween makeup tutorials which are not only unique, but also easy to follow! So, let’s get started with it, and be the prettiest Witch, Vampire Queen or Sugar Skull!



How to Make a Witch Makeup for Halloween ?




Yes, witches are kind of scary, but it is one of the best Halloween makeup ideas and the effect is not really hard to make. With the help of Korean Cosmetics, you can definitely look like a real witch! Now, that’s amazing, isn’t it? So, what do you need to do? All you need to do is buy a bit of sickly green fresh paint. Don’t have one, or are you allergic to paints? Then you can definitely use the Banilla Co Prime Primer Classic.


First, apply a bit of the green eye shadow HERA Shadow Duo No.3. Better still, mix the green eye shadow with the primer, and apply it all over your face, to have a green hue. Just make sure that the skin tone remains light.


Second, you can add a bit of purple eye shadow HERA Shadow Duo No.10 over your eyes. Finally apply any red lip stick you have or if you don’t have one, just get one from Q-depot.com which you have various of choices. Make sure that the color contrast is good enough, and can be differentiated, and your Halloween makeup is done!



Skeleton Or Sugar Skull Makeup for Halloween




The skeleton or sugar skull is another good and unique Halloween makeup ideas which can be achieved by the best Korean makeup brands or using the Korean cosmetics. For this you will need the Korean makeup products:

-    Hera Auto Eyebrow Pencil
-    Hera Eternal Feminin Duo Blusher
-    It’s Skin Artist Make Up Brush
-    Banilla Co Prime Primer Classic
-    SKINFOOD Black Bean Eyebrow Pencil (No. 3 Black Brown)



Once you have the ingredients ready, follow the steps given below to have the best Halloween makeup look:

1.    First of all, you need to clean your skin using the cleanser, and apply the Banilla Co Primer. This will help you maintain the natural skin tone.
2.    Next, take the Hera Auto Eyebrow Pencil, and then draw a straight line from the base of your ears, to the side of the mouth on one side.
3.    After that, you need to draw criss – cross lines over the straight line you have drawn. Make sure they are uniform in nature and prominent.
4.    Once you have done that, use the Skin Artist Make Up Brush and take a bit of the blusher, and paint it on the area. It should look natural, or flesh colored, so make sure that you do not over do the effect.
5.    After that, you need to take the Hera Auto Eyebrow Pencil, and create a wedge on your nose, as you can see in the picture.
6.    The last step is taking care of your eyes. You can do that with the help of SKINFOOD Black Bean Eyebrow Pencil. Make a layer around your eyes.  Make sure that you smudge it with your hands.
7.    Apply one or two more layers, and spread it evenly.
8.    And finally, this unique Sugar Skull Halloween makeup is done.



The Popular Halloween Makeup Ideas - The Vampire Queen






This Vampire Queen Halloween makeup ideas is one of the easiest, clean and yet the creepiest Halloween makeup which you can try. This is seriously easy, and you can do that with the existing Korean makeup products which you have with you.


So, here are the ingredients you will need for this Halloween makeup:

-    ETUDE House Stay Up Foundation
-    Skinfood Choco Eyebrow Powder Cake No. 2 [ Grey Brown]
-    ETUDE House Dr. Lash Ampule Long & Volume
-    The Saem Global Eco Red Lipstick



Once you have the things ready, you need to follow the steps given below in order to have the perfect Halloween vampire makeup look:

1.    Cleanse your skin and make sure that your skin is dry enough.
2.    Use the ETUDE House Stay Up Foundation lightly. Let it stay on for a minute or two.
3.    Next, using the Skinfood choco Eye Powder Cake No 2., create a thick dark grey line just above your upper eye lashes. It should blend in well.
4.    Now, create a light grey line above the dark grey line.
5.    Using your hands, spread the two grey lines until they blend into one. Make sure that they are properly blended before moving to the next step.
6.    Now, add a bit of lighter and dark grey under your eye. Once again, blend them well.
7.    Apply ETUDE House Dr. Lash Ampule Long & Volume, or any other mascara which you have to highlight your long lashes.
8.    Now apply the Saem Global Eco Red Lipstick.
9.    After that make sure you create the blood effect with the help of Ketchup or the edible red color. Apply a bit of water, and make it trickle down from both sides of your mouth.
10.    For after effects you can create neck bites. In order to do that, follow the steps:
        - First apply a lighter grey on the portion of your neck you want the bite to appear.
        - Use a darker version of grey
        - Blend them well and this Halloween Vampire Queen is alive!


Don’t forget to add your fangs to make it a real Halloween effect!



Scary Wound Makeup Ideas for Halloween





Since it is Halloween, and you are planning to use Halloween makeup to look ghostly, thus, you can definitely make a false wound. Here are the things you will need for that:
-    Toilet Paper
-    Glue
-    Sponge Applicator or Makeup Brush
-    Character Makeup
-    ETUDE HOUSE Baby Sweet Sugar Powder
-    Fake Blood or Tomato Ketchup
-    Makeup
-    Banilla Co Prime Primer Classic



Once you have all the ingredients ready, follow the steps given below:

1.    Cleanse the part of the skin where you want to make the wound.
2.    Apply the transparent glue in a generous amount.
3.    Apply the tissue papers. Make sure that you tear them in and they have rough uneven edges. This will help it to blend in better.
4.    Add more glue over the tissue paper. It’s ok if it looks messy, or the tissue sticks on your skin and with each other.
5.    Allow the tissue paper and the glue to dry for quite some time so that it becomes stiff.
6.    Apply the Banilla Co Prime Primer Classic.
7.    Apply some makeup on the dried glue and tissue to blend in, and look like your skin color.
8.    Tear holes into the tissue paper, but be careful to not rip it off totally from your skin.
9.    Darken the interior of the holes to make it look natural. Add a bit of shadow.
10.    Add an initial coat of red paint or tomato ketchup.
11.    Add a bit of ETUDE HOUSE Baby Sweet Sugar Powder and blend it in. Then allow it to dry.
12.    Apply another layer of red paint or tomato ketchup. Pay extra attention to those ridges.
13.    And your Halloween makeup is done.



So, now that you know about the ways of making your friend frightened, why not try out these exciting Halloween makeup ideas? After all, Halloween comes once a year, so just enjoy it. All these Halloween makeup products are available from Q-depot.com.




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