The Faceshop made in China, are those real or fake products? It's a question that is crossing many minds right now and may cross many more in the coming days as the news is not yet widespread. 

The answer in short is Yes, these are real products. Let us explain how and why are they real although many people associate them as fake from China. The Faceshop skincare and cosmetics company of LG Household & Healthcare purchased a local factory in China Guangzhou run by AVON Cosmetics from the USA to enter China market once again with a new strategy of local production after their exit back in 2018. AVON's factory is a large-scale cosmetics factory with a floor space of ​​about 50,000 square meters. Its annual production capacity is 13,000 tons. It has current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) facilities that meet the U.S. FDA quality standards and can produce basic and color cosmetics and hair and body products.


It's nothing new for LG Household & Healthcare has two factories in China, one in the Hangzhou which produces cosmetics, and the other in Beijing which produces daily necessities such as toothpaste. Until now, only a few products of The Face Shop have been produced at Hangzhou factory. 


As of now what we know is that Rice Water Bright line is manufactured in China and mentioned on brand website (official mall ) as well about the manufacturing country as shown below in the screenshot:


faceshop made in china prodcuts

faceshop made in China


Next time you see the Facehop product made in China, don't be surprised and think it's fake. They are real but you shall double-check the source you bought from is a genuine company. We also believe that other Korean cosmetics companies may follow the LG Healthcare footsteps and start their manufacturing basis in China instead of Korea to cut costs since many brands' survival is at stake during the hard time of Covid-19.


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