Shipping from Hong Kong has been tough and troublesome so far, as we ship the Ordinary brand from Hong Kong to the world. Finally, we have smoother and cheaper shipping options from Hong Kong in partnership with the spaceship, which offers multiple couriers in one place at the best price. 

Available Shipping Options:

The available couriers under spaceship are the followings:

1. FedEx Express 
2. TNT Express 
3. UPS Express 
4. UPS Saver 
5. UPS Express Plus 
6. Aramex 
7. Hong Kong Speedpost

The availability of couriers varies by country and weight. You are free to choose which courier you wish to ship. 

Shipping Fee:

To estimate the shipping fee please follow the following steps:

1. Visit spaceship website 
2. Select Origin (Hong Kong) and your destination country
3. In front of "Send Box" click on Enter Size. (most of our boxes are 35x34x38) and click confirm. 
4. Enter your actual weight and click Get Quote.
5. The system will show you the available shipper and the shipping fee. 

Note: Please note that you shouldn't proceed to book, as being a shipper, booking is made by us. The above procedure is for you to estimate the shipping fee to have an idea of how much your shipment may cost. 

Bonus: In general the biggest trouble in Hong Kong is the local pick up from our warehouse to the forwarder, which is very costly as HK is an expensive country. The local delivery could cost up to 100$ as there are many charges such as trucking fee, truck parking fee, tunnel fee (if truck crosses the tunnel), etc. With our partner forwarder, the local pick-up is free. 

We are committed to bringing you the best of beauty products with the best possible shipping options despite ongoing covid restrictions. Should you have any further questions, please contact us anytime.