PayPal is one of the most popular online payment solutions and it's accepted for your Korean cosmetics wholesale orders at Q-depot with some conditions. There are two main ways to make a payment via PayPal. 

1. Paying for goods and services 

2. Sending money to friends and family 

1. Paying for goods and services 

This option is available in all countries where PayPal is operating. We have the following conditions on this payment option: 

■ There is a PayPal fee of 5-7% (depending on payment amount and country). We only count the net amount received after any fees. 

■ Only accepted for orders $600 or below (combined orders)

■ Your name & shipping address on PayPal payment must be the same as on your order form. We will only ship to the PayPal payment address and the address must be confirmed. 

2. Sending money to friends and family 

This option is available to limited countries and for details please log in to your PayPal account, click on send money, and verify if it's available. We have the following conditions on this payment option: 

■ There is only a 1% fee charged by PayPal. 

■ Accepted for orders $2,000 or below (combined orders)

In short, sending money to friends and family is the most viable and cheaper option. In case this option is not available in your country and your order is over $600, you may opt for many other payment options we offer such as Bank Transfer, Wise Payment, Western Union, etc. 

At Q-depot we try our best to offer you multiple payment and shipping options to make your Korean cosmetics wholesale purchase as easy as possible. We are continuously searching for new payment and shipping options in our system. If you still have any questions about PayPal payment, please contact us at any time. 

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