EMS services have severely been affected during Covid and finally it's coming back to normal step by step. Here, we have updates for EMS service resumption as of September 1, 2022. EMS mostly relies on public flights which were drastically reduced to almost none in most of the countries and in return EMS was suspended in the majority of the countries.


Service Resumption Countries List
Country Name Country Name
Australia  Maldives
Austria Mexico
Azerbaijan Mongolia 
Bangaldesh  Netherlands
Belgium New Zealand 
Brazil Nigeria
Bulgaria Norway
Cambodia Oman
Canada Philippines (no so stable)
Chile Poland
Cyprus Portugal
Czech Republic Qatar
Denmark Myanmar 
Egypt Romania
Ethiopia Russia
Finland Saudi Arabia
France Singapore 
Georgia Slovenia
Germany Spain
Greece Sri Lanka 
Hong Kong Sweden
Hungary  Switzerland
India Taiwan
Indonesia Tanzania
Iran Thailand
Ireland Tunisia 
Israel Turkiye 
Japan United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Jordan United Kingdom (UK)
Kazakhstan United States (USA)
Kenya Uzbekistan
Laos Vietnam


EMS Shipping Fee

Still, EMS is charging a kind of special shipping surcharge (Covid fee) which makes EMS, not the cheapest option. After this additional surcharge, EMS is still a cheaper option for many countries compared to DHL, TNT, and FedEx. 


How to Estimate EMS Shipping Fee?

To estimate the EMS shipping fee to your country, please visit EMS shipping fee estimator page here. Select service type: EMS, Shipment Type: Others, Destination: Your country, Actual Weight: Can try 20kg or whatever you want, Volumetric
Weight KG: (enter any box size like 34, 36, 33), Click on the Cal button next to the weight input box, and finally click on View Button and you will get your shipping fee estimate. 




We recommend trying EMS service now for those countries where EMS is cheaper than DHL or FedEx but there could be some delay issues as EMS is still not yet very stable. Its recommended not to try EMS for under-develop or developing countries since EMS mostly rely on local post offices and most of these countries post offices are not operating efficiently due to covid. Given the covid situation is improving and more and more countries are opening up their borders, we expect EMS shall be back to normal soon. EMS being back to normal is in favor of everyone as due to Covid all couriers are charging excessively and it's the biggest burden on anyone's business these days.