Beauty Tip 1 : Avocados 



Beautiful skin-avocado



Avocados is a good source of biotin, it’s especially good to tackle of dry skin problems as it can hydrate parched skin. 
Amazingly this fruit is proofed to be good for weight lost as it is it high in fibre. Fibre is indigestible plant matter that can contribute to weight loss.



Beauty Tip 2 : Green Tea 





Contains polyphenols, green tea is considered as beauty agent for skin. Keep a good habit to drink everyday and you will see your skin is naturally brightened in just few months. Some studies also shown that green tea are able to slow down the aging as an antioxidant. It is good at sun protection while it quenching free radicals and minimize inflammation. 



Beauty Tip 3: Tomato






Besides being a great source of the antioxidant lycopene, tomatoes are considered a high-carotenoid fruit. These nutrients may help slow down cellular damage from free radicals.


Tomato is good for skin since it will increase the lycopene content while you consume tomato and tomato products, lycopene not only will protect you from the sunray but also naturally restore your skin like a baby. 


Tomatoes help in aging and prevent wrinkles since it enable your skin to take in oxygen. Being a great source of the antioxidant lycopene, tomatoes are considered a high-carotenoid fruit, these nutrients may help reduce cellular damage from free radicals. 



Beauty Tip 4: Salmon






Salmon can benefit in enhancing skin elasticity and prevents wrinkles as it contains astaxanthin and carotenoid.
In a study of 2005, it found that one type of Omega-3 named eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) helped block the release of collagen-eating enzymes that cause wrinkles and sagging skin. [Source: Kim et al.]



Beauty Tip 5 : Eggs






Eggs provide large amount of protein which will repair the damages cells and keep your skin younger. Another essential ingredient biotin found in egg which is an essential vitamin that protects against dry skin. Eggs is rich in vitamin A, which a serving of two eggs provides 540 international units of vitamin A, it helps in develop new cells and grow new tissues which is essential for skin renew.   



Beauty Tip 6: Pomegranate 




When applied topically, this antioxidant-rich fruit may help skin create more collagen, while speeding healing.
Pomegranate is good at anti-aging as it potent anti-aging compounds helps in cellular regeneration and Vitamin C helps in collagen formation. These features both produce healthier and stronger skin.  



Beauty Tip 7: Walnuts






Walnuts are wonderful in strengthen skin cells as it posses Omega -3, this ingredient also known as good at keeping out toxins, locking moisture and nutrients on our skin. The fats contains in walnuts is excellent for restore dry skin as it absorbs moisture from the air and lock in on your skin. It can protect you from harmful sunray while minimizing the skin inflammation. 



Beauty Tip 8: Beans 






Green bean is wonderful food keep our skin smooth and healthy. It provides enormous protein which repair cells that have suffered free radical damages. 
During digestion, protein breaks down into amino acids, the building blocks of cells. Amino acids help to speed the repair and regeneration of skin cells and collagen. The antioxidant in beans prevents skin aging, many evident shown that the higher level of antioxidant in the tissues the fewer wrinkles.  



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