We are excited to inform you that now Q-depot.com have direct arrangements with LBC Korea to ship all your wholesale orders for Korean cosmetics from Korea to the Philippines without your intervention. Once your order is ready, we will coordinate with LBC directly and ship your parcel while you don't need to coordinate with LBC. Just sit back and chill till your goods arrive at your doorstep. 


How does it work?

  • Once your order is ready and paid in full, you will be requested to choose from LBC Air or Sea.
  • Upon your confirmation, we will request LBC to pick or we'll deliver your goods to their warehouse. Jumbo Box free pick up while for Odd box, you have to pay local delivery free. 
  • You will contact LBC directly, pay them the shipping fee in Pesos to their account in the Philippines. 
  • LBC will ship out the goods and you wait for them to arrive at your doorstep. 



How to pay?

Once the order is picked up or shipped out to LBC, we will give you LBC Korea Facebook Link and you will send them the following information:

  • Name
  • The complete shipping address in the Philippines
  • Contact number in the Philippines 

They will send you the shipping fee amount and respective account to pay to. 


Shipping options

  1. By Air - shipping schedule MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, FRIDAY - delivery 3 -5 days
  2. By Sea - Shipping schedule every Friday - delivery time 2 weeks. 


Shipping fee


By sea

Jumbo 73x52x73 135,000 140,000 150,000 160,000
Odd Max 30kg 70,000 80,000 90,000 100,000


  • All prices are in KRW
  • Odd box max 30KG allowed
  • Rates may change anytime without prior notice e. For the latest rates, please contact LBC Korea.


By Air

Weight KG Shipping Fee KRW Weight KG Shipping Fee KRW
1 24,000 16 135,000
2 31,000 17 143,000
4 36,000 18 152,000
5 41,000 19 160,000
6 49,000 20 168,000
7 63,000 21 175,000
8 71,000 22 183,000
9 79,000 23 191,000
10 89,000 24 201,000
11 95,000 25 209,000
12 104,000 26 217,000
13 113,000 27 225,000
14 121,000 28 234,000
15 129,000 29 242,000
    30 250,000
30 - 50 KG     [8,150 KRW/KG]
51+ KG    [8,100 KRW/KG]

NoteRates may change anytime without prior notice. For the latest rates, please contact LBC Korea.


At Q-depot we always strive to find you the best of Korean cosmetics with the best wholesale rates and best shipping options. Q-depot is truly a one-stop-shop for your Korean cosmetics wholesale, where shopping for your favorite Korean brands is easy as 1,2,3. We will continue to find the best of Korean cosmetics with the best price and fast, convenient ways of shipping. Thanks for your support of Q-depot always.